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Sayulita – Mexico’s Premier Oceanfront Playground

Sayulita – Mexico’s Premier Oceanfront Playground

Mexico is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, rich culture, exquisite weather and fantastic cuisine. What most occasional visitors don’t experience, however, is the remarkable sense of home, history and belonging that only its small, hidden communities can boast.

Punta Sayulita offers all those qualities, in one special place. Here, when you own your own Sayulita casa — with its palapa thatched roof, local stones and native hardwoods – you discover what it means to be part of a community, its land, people and traditions.

Whether your Sayulita house faces the village, with its cobblestone streets and stunning bay, or your home is nestled into a slope overlooking the sea, Punta Sayulita living means full immersion in the carefree pace and colorful diversions that are unique to this region.

Life here is a blend of ancient heritage and contemporary comforts, where simplicity reigns. Choose from a long list of outdoor adventures, such as bird and whale watching tours with Punta Sayulita guides, or explore local lore and traditions, all brought to life by our in-house ambassadors.

With its lush rain forest sierras, including two volcanoes and the western end of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, all sloping gently down toward playa Sayulita, Nayarit is one of Mexico’s smallest yet most environmentally varied states.

Its political past is equally dramatic. Sayulita’s nearby Bay of Banderas was named for a 1530 skirmish described by Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, a conquistador who helped establish “New Spain”, after he encountered the indigenous Cuyutecos. With roots that deep, there is historical meaning in every wave that laps on these shores, for beachcombers, adventurers and fishermen alike.…

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Outdoor Playground Sets Get Children Active

Outdoor Playground Sets Get Children Active

Many parents and child advocates look for ways to get children more involved in physical activities and outside play. So many children have access to computers and electronic devices that they do not spend enough time getting the exercise and physical play that they need for their overall well-being. However, there are simple ways to get children more active and away from their computer screens and interact with other children face to face rather than through wireless connection. Parents and advocates can look into outdoor playground sets to get children outside and moving.

For instance, there are many options for parents who decide to get a playground set for home use. They need to consider all the factors beyond the kind of equipment to get when investing in a play set. Parents need to consider the age and size of the children if they need equipment that will allow their children to grow into it and use it for a long time. They also need to look at available materials used such as wooden playsets as opposed to plastic or metal material.

Of course, it is also important to decide what type of equipment will most motivate children to get out and have some fun. Children still enjoy swing sets and slides, so these may be very easy options to consider. There are also monkey bars and playhouses for children who like to use their imaginations. There may also even be sets that include equipment such as see saws and other favorites that many parents might remember enjoying during their own childhoods.

Advocates and those who run facilities for children can also look into the ideal kinds of play sets that will keep children motivated to play. However, they should also consider factors such as whether wooden playsets will be adequate to sustain the use of multiple children for extended periods of time. Like parents, those who run facilities where children can play have to find the safest equipment that does not run the risk of injuring their charges with hardware like screws and nails. Therefore, it is essential to look into any options very carefully.

The good news for anyone looking into finding an outdoor play set for children is that many of the sets can be customized to fit any needs. Whether there are only one or two children or an entire playground, these sets can be designed to accommodate all of them. Furthermore, they are professionally installed and manufacturers are very aware of the possible decay and damage that can occur from the elements, so the sets are built to withstand them. Outdoor play sets can be a good way to get children back outside and active again.…

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Ladies – Looking for That Perfect Gift?

Ladies, how difficult is it to find that perfect gift for a man that has everything? The answer is very difficult, there is only so many bottles of cologne you can buy especially when there is usually only that one scent you really love. Ties are about as exciting as buying mens clothes. Lets face it coming up with an original gift is hard. My husband loves watches he collects them, but how many watches can you have? Well the answer is many if you are a collector. That’s when I went looking for a watch that was unique and something that would really surprise him.
First I had to think of his other real love and that is sports. Football is his favorite sport he is a die hard fan and has recently joined a fantasy football league. I know how important football is on a college and pro level since I fell in love with the sport myself. As the saying goes if you cant beat them join them. The awaited football season was all my husband talked about and that got me thinking about men’s sport watches.
Along with football comes the seasons schedule and that can get very confusing especially if you are following several teams. With games played on different nights all season, it can be difficult to keep track of every game. Well I have found the perfect gift for my husband. I found a watch that was fashionable and keeps the NFL and NCAA season schedule right on his wrist.
The schedule watch is the coolest mens sports watch ever made. You can choose your favorite team logo for the face design and it comes pre-programmed with the entire NFL or NCAA schedule. It even plays the national anthem when the game starts as a reminder so you will never miss another game. Finally this watch has the technology to be updated each season. By using the specially designed USB connector included with each watch you can connect to your computer to download the next seasons schedule.
Ladies he will love this watch and think you are the greatest for surprising him with it.…

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Planning the Perfect Playground – Keeping Fun and Safety First

Planning the Perfect Playground – Keeping Fun and Safety First

When you are planning a playground in your own backyard or in your schools yard, there are a few very important topics to keep in mind. The result will be a very safe and fun environment for the kids to play in.

Child Development Experts see this as a place where kids build a large range of both physical and emotional skills. Remember kids think completely different than we do! The playground could become a racetrack, an obstacle course, or even the jungle. This playground equipment is a place for kid’s imaginations to blossom and grow as well as develop both motor and physical skills. Here are a few of the important topics and trends the experts use to help you become informed about the value of a playground.

Free Play is by far one of the most important things you can provide. Kids today have too many choices between soccer, hockey, gymnastics, dancing, music lessons, clubs, computer games, and 100 channels on your television. Where does a playground fit in? Adults still believe the best experiences are the ones that are directed entirely by adults. With Free Play kids become more spontaneous and creative. This is when they have the freedom to play together, without adult intervention. With kids being involved in organized activity, there is no Free Play or opportunity for expression of themselves. Playground equipment promotes Free Play. In return this Free Play will develop social skills, confidence, and self-esteem. Remember always allowing Free Play is critical to the development of kids. Make time in your schedule for Free Play.

Another really important aspect is to start thinking a little more like a kid. What would they like to play on? What would they think is really cool? Most playgrounds include ladders, slides, and swings. These pieces may not be exactly what you are looking for, but there is plenty to choose from. Age appropriate equipment is really important. This will develop their strength and coordination. You will want to make sure the playground encourages improvement in their skill level, and meets all SAFETY STANDARDS. Of course the cost needs to fit into your budget as well. Most important though is that they are going to have fun first, the rest will follow.

Let the kids help in the process of choosing the playground that best suits the ages and grades. Perhaps there’s a color they like or design that has the equipment they would really enjoy. Their participation in this will always ensure it is loved by themselves and their friends. Remember what adults find exciting, often gets little attention from the kids.…

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What Are the Benefits of Rubber Flooring For Playgrounds?

What Are the Benefits of Rubber Flooring For Playgrounds?

Playground rubber flooring is one of the commercially recycled rubber products that is becoming quite a popular choice for children’s play areas, home gyms and sports facilities. Playground rubber flooring offers many amazing advantages; many of them can simply not be ignored.

Impact Resistant

1. Recycled rubber flooring is flexible and resilient, making it the perfect flooring choice for children’s playgrounds, sport halls, gyms, basketball courts, and tracks fields. Because the rubber surface cushions all impact, the risk of children getting injured when falling of the play equipment is greatly reduced.

Sound Absorbent

2. Kids can be quite noisy when involved in play. This can become a problem in highly populated neighbourhoods where babies and night workers often sleep during the day. With playground rubber tiles, the noise levels can be reduced, as rubber absorbs sound quite well. Falling, jumping or running will be much quieter, because the sound waves will be absorbed rather than being reflected. Playground rubber flooring will not eliminate the sounds completely, but will certainly bring the noise level way down.

Extremely Safe

3. Recycled rubber products, like playground rubber have non-slip properties. This can be quite useful in locations that have a pool, fountains, or other water bodies on the premises. The slip resistant asset of textures rubber flooring is also quite beneficial for outdoor play areas, especially in regions with lots of precipitation.


4. Recycled rubber products are extremely durable and long-lasting. The flooring surface will withstand quite a bit of abuse, and will not easily damage, even when children play on it all day long. Rubber will maintain its shape no matter how tough the kids run or jump on the floor. Made from non-toxic, recycled materials, playground rubber is also suitable for strollers, skateboards, in-line skates, roller skates and bicycles.

Weather & UV Resistant

5. Aside from all its other great qualities, playground rubber is also UV resistant, as well as frost and weather proof. This makes it an ideal outdoor flooring solution for regions with extreme climates.

Stylish Design

6. Rubber tiles are available in a huge variety of styles, textures and colours. These can be combined to create an inviting, attractive appearance. Children love bright colours, so do not hold back on your imagination. The more interesting the design, the more the kids will love enjoy your playground.


7. Playground rubber flooring is stain resistant and dirt repellent. It is easy to maintain, no matter if the floors are installed outdoors or inside. Simple sweep the surface with a broom. Dirt spots can be cleaned by spraying a mild, soap solution onto the area. Wipe the area clean with a dry cloth. Do not use any harsh cleaners, scrubbers or buffing machines, steel wool or abrasive scouring pads. It will harm your rubber flooring.

When researching your playground rubber flooring possibilities, shop around. Find a flooring specialist who can give you detailed information about his products, their advantages, the installation requirements, the warranty, and anything else you need to know to make an informed decision.…

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Duke Blue Devils Sports Apparel

There are many different styles of college merchandise for fans eager to support their teams. Screaming for your favorite team from the sidelines during a game is perhaps the single most enjoyable experience for any college student. You develop a sense of spirit and unity with your fellow alumni and student body while cheering for the same team. If you’re looking to support your Duke Blue Devils with an assortment of fan gear, you’re already one step ahead of the game.
The following items are considered some of the best pieces of Duke University apparel:
Duke basketball jerseys: If you’re going to support your colleges athletic teams then you’ve absolutely got to have a basketball jersey. Basketball is one of the most popular sports of any school and the Duke basketball team is always a great one to root for. These jerseys are made exactly like the ones that the actual players on the team will be wearing during live games. This is great for the fans who want to look exactly like their favorite team players, complete with that custom blue and white Duke color scheme. If you’re more a football fan, don’t worry, you can find these Duke football jerseys as well.
Duke car decals: Any super fan of Duke would love to get their hands on these decals. Whether you want to turn your home or car into a Duke Blue Devils cheering section, these decals can get the job done. There’s a wide assortment of emblems for car windows and bumpers that will turn your regular ride into a Blue Devil rooting machine for representing Duke to the fullest. If you’re on your way to a Duke football game, you should probably look into purchasing a set of Duke temporary tattoos. They’re fun and display your Duke pride as best as any other product.
Duke hats: These are a standard product for any college sports fan. A Duke Blue Devils cap is a perfect addition to your already stocked up college apparel wardrobe. Not only will it keep your head warm when you’re screaming in the stands, but you’ll also look sharp wherever you go. Not to mention, you’ll be showing your Blue Devils pride by representing Duke University any place you’re at. It’s a win-win situation. You can find these hats in multiple variations, such as the Duke Blue Devils beanie, which is warmer than most other hats. Another popular style is an offshoot of the normal beanie, but it comes with a bill at the front, much like a baseball cap. If you’re looking for different head wear with the Duke logo on it, a Nike headband is the way to go.
Duke accessories: If you’re looking for a product that isn’t anything like the standard pieces of clothing listed above then you’re definitely not left out. For whatever occasion you’re trying to find Duke merchandise for, you’re definitely covered. Are you planning a party or a barbecue sometime soon? How about sprucing up your shindig with some Duke shot glasses? Or maybe you’d like to store your beers in a Duke ice bucket and keep them cold and in style? And when you’re reading for a cold one you can crack it open with a slick Blue Devils bottle opener that doubles as a keychain. Whatever situation you’re in there’s Duke merchandise to keep you company.…

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Gazza Sheds a Hero’s Tears

The match held on a balmy night in Turin contained as much drama as the rest of the tournament put together and created a national hero of a figure whose tragic-comic lifestyle remains a topic of the newspaper tabloids till this day.
The English player was Paul Gascoigne, described by the England manager the late (Sir) Bobby Robson as being as life “daft as a brush”, but gifted with skills and tremendous strengths not often matched by the industry that he often displayed on the pitch. However “Gazza”, as he was lovingly known by all, decided that this was the match that he would lead the white shirted of England into the final against Argentina, and gain revenge for Maradona’s “hand of god” in the 1986 finals. The West Germans were desperate for a rematch of the 1986 Final.
The match was a typical tight German performance, with the team marshaled from the touchlines by Franz Beckenbauer, and the first half ended goalless with neither side having a significant attack on goal. The match started at a different pace and England began to control the flow of play, orchestrated by Gazza who was turning in the performance of a life time. However as often happens, it was the West Germans who took the lead, through a diverted free kick from Andreas Brehme.
The goal, totally against the run of play, pushed England to fresh heights and Gazza’s strength and skill was felt on every inch of the park. Within the space of just a few minutes he set up gilt-edged chances for ace striker Gary Lineker, as well as Peter Beardsley and Chris Waddle, none of which were taken. Gazza and England pressed on looking on for that vital equalizer. It came with just ten minutes to go, with Lineker knocking in his fourth goal of the tournament. England sensing victory in normal time pushed everyone forward in search of the winner. With just minutes to go, Gazza playing out of his skin, went into a tackle a little too exuberantly, received a yellow card. As the world media closed in on Gazza’s face as the realization that he would be illegible from taking part in the World Cup final, even if England succeeded in putting the West Germans out. There are few moments in soccer history more profound than when Paul Gasgoine shed a hero’s tears, and players and fans throughout the World cried along with them. Despite his personal distress, Gazza did all that he could to push England forward, but to no avail.
As the match went into extra time, the West German team shut up shop, although both sides did succeed in hitting the woodwork. The West Germans seemed much more interested in a penalty kick shoot-out, and when it came it was them that held their nerve considerably more than the England team, with Gazza not even being included in the taker’s list
So it was to be a West Germany- Argentina final which the Germans won in typical lack-luster fashion through a single penalty goal, while England and Gazza were left to wonder what might have been.…