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Child’s Play: 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries

Child’s Play: 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries

Today’s children have so many great toys to choose from. Not only dolls and teddies but electronic games as well. It’s fun sometimes to remember the way things used to be, when children were left to their imaginations to really play.

In the Victorian era for instance, toys were mostly made out of wood and tin, and usually were forbidden from being played with on Sundays, except Noah’s Ark of course, because that was biblical.

One hundred years later, many children are still not allowed to play on Sundays, and many more still very reliant on their imaginations to keep them entertained. While televisions existed in the childhood years of the current Echo generation (today’s 25-30 year olds), they weren’t overly watched. Most kids were encouraged to play outdoors and TV was limited to evenings and weekends only. Store bought toys included dolls, stuffed toys and electronics that were quite easy to use, such as Fisher Price radios.

Children today have cell phones, their own laptops, Xboxes and human-movement reading devices such as Wii to keep them entertained. Buying gifts for children today is quite an interesting experience. On the one hand, the gifts we buy them are juvenile, on the other hand, figuring out how to operate them is way over most of our heads!

In terms of outdoor games, the Victorians were quite interested in football. Students were encouraged to play at school as it was a game, thought to build character. Children who did not have access to a proper football would kick around a blown-up pig’s bladder from the butcher shop. Badminton was another popular game and one which is still played today.

The children of the Echo generation also played lots of outdoor sports, as do children today. But again, when the recess bell rang, most of us were outside being creative. We played games like tag, cops and robbers and dodgeball. When we weren’t playing games, we were on the monkey-bars, the slide or the swings.

Children’s school playgrounds today, consist of most of the same equipment- I guess some things never get old. Their classrooms however look quite different, with computers for everyone, and digital presentations of every lesson- no more blackboard. And while some children like to spend their off time running around outside, others would prefer texting each other and playing electronic games on their smartphones. This is one reason why many schools invest in playground shelters, so that children can sit and play comfortably without getting burnt by the sun or soaked by the rain.…

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How to Make Big Money Sports Betting

Most people think that being able to make big money sports betting requires a system that wins almost all of the time. So they look for, and find, betting systems that promise such success. The number is usually 97%, most likely because it sells better than 96 or 98.
It is obvious that if you can win most of the time, you can win a lot of money. The problem lies in what the bettor believes is enough to win, and what actually is enough to win.
Because of the misunderstanding, many bettors will end up spending their life searching for the perfect betting system. The infallible, now way to lose system. But that is not the way to make big money betting online, or in a casino. Even if it did exist.
If you want to wait for Santa Claus to give you a sure thing, you can do that. But in the mean time, you may end up losing your bankroll. Maybe even several times over. Even when he shows up, you will be disappointed.
If there is no magic system that exists, how do you make big money sports betting? How is it that so many people are able to make a lot of money, and even bet as a profession?
They accept reality. They know that the only thing required to win unlimited money is a 60% win rate. They know you do not need to win 97 percent of your bets. And they know they will never make big money on a single bet, without risking big money.
Instead, they will build betting systems that will pick winners consistently at 55% or more They build enough different systems to where finding games is never a problem. And then they place a lot of smaller bets knowing that in the end they will profit, rather than putting all of their money on some progression scheme.
That is how to make big money sports betting.…

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Top Three Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Kind of Playground Equipment

Top Three Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Kind of Playground Equipment

Kids can be a major force to reckon with especially at times when they get bored. Hence a lot of parents buy their children toys like gaming consoles and computers. But then, it is also their task to make sure that their child’s well-being isn’t compromised in the process.

In light of the growing obesity rate among children, it is high time for anyone who is raising youngsters to promote a more active lifestyle among those under their care. A majority of households forget going back to old school, but sometimes, what people think as utterly outdated turn out to be better than whatever new is being offered. In short, get playground equipment.

Playground equipment is much better for kids than gaming consoles as it forces them to physically exert, and thus burn more calories. Aside from them having a fun pastime, a parent will have less to worry as far their kids’ physical health. However, there are some important things to consider before acquiring any type of playground equipment.

First, check safety. Do extensive research about the specifications of the product to be purchased, its suitability with respect to the landscape architecture of your home, and purchase protective equipment like rubber mats to ensure that there will be minimal risk for injury.

Second, check the price. It is an important consideration for every parent. This is not just about getting the cheapest possible thing, but more on accounting for future needs. More than just the outdoor play equipment itself, a parent must also take into account costs of a little remodeling, some extra safety equipment and the like.

Third, get expert opinion. Well, asking rocket scientist can be very beneficial, but never forget to ask the real experts in as far as customer satisfaction – the kids themselves. Ask them what they would like to have. After all, it will be them who will use these things, and we as parents would not want them to have something that they do not want.

Outdoor playground equipment allows youngsters to have fun and be physically fit at the same time. Promoting an active lifestyle among people at such an early age is a great step towards improving their long-term outlook on health.…

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Train on One Leg to Maximize Sports Performance

YES, two legs are better than one, but if you would like to increase the effectiveness of both of them performing together, train them with single leg drills!

Why? By training with single leg drills and exercises you teach your body how to function better just using one of those limbs. In this way the body is forced to adjust by balancing, coordinating and being strong without one leg relying on the other. And the better your legs become at working as singles, the more effectiveness you get from both legs working together!

Try these athletic drills and exercises below on one leg:

Lifting Stand on one leg as you perform any type of lifting such as curls, presses and pulls

Ladder/Hurdle Drills Perform various drills on one foot hoping forward, laterally and backwards

Boxes/steps Use a mini box (6″) or step to perform single leg hops both sideways and forward

Jump rope This is one of the best: put that single foot in motion as you spin the rope for quickness

Medicine Ball Perform standing medicine balls drills throwing and tossing the ball from a single leg as your body balances and stabilizes throughout the entire motion

There a dozens more ways you can make single leg training effective. The more innovating and creative you are, the more efficient your athletic movements become. Plus, throw in the use of athletic actions such as throwing or catching a ball or other sport related item. Be creative and make it sport specific!…

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Las Vegas Odds

In almost all kinds of sports events, a particular competitor is considered the favourite or is more apt to win, while the other is the small fry. You may also notice the favourite being referred to as the betting chalk, while the small fry as the dog. Before the instigation of Internet sports, experts on betting discovered the best value on betting the small fry every week. There just was not enough information for bettors to up their craft because betting pieces were hardly ever found outside Las Vegas. The leisure bettor in their expedition from cities athwart America and into Las Vegas would frequently bet on the favourites since they had almost no knowledge at all regarding creating logical sports betting choices. The instigation of the Internet provided sports bettors with helpful tools to assist their betting. What’s more, the increase in popularity of radio sports betting saw expert sports bettors give terrific tips to listeners and the general sports betting population had suddenly become educated. The bettors of today have been taught to view the small fry beforehand, causing sports handicapping to be a more demanding task.
In order to make betting more constant, the lines maker puts together the line of odds or simply the Las Vegas odds. The professional online sports book and Las Vegas bettors of today prepare their own point spreads. In place for viewing the side of the small fry at first impression, they create their very own numbers and search for the greater differences between the present betting line and their numbers. Expert sports bettors then mark the games on their betting record with the greater differences and start to do careful analysis on the game. Sports betting experts will go through individual team’s websites and injury reports in order to search for information to help in propping up a cause to wager on the game which gives them the greatest value in the wagering. Value is described as the difference between the real bet line and the line that the expert bettor placed based on their success rates. The one with the highest positive difference for the sports wager on the sports bet board would be considered the side with the highest value in the betting. Supposing team X is playing against team Y and the present line shows that team X is a 5-point favourite. Based on the success rate of the expert sports bettor, team X is calculated to be just a 1-point favourite. If after you do a study that you find that it shows no bad weather reports or impact injuries, the sports betting expert will then put a wager on team Y. The amount of the bet may vary, but the bet is usually bigger when the difference is higher.
Another system is when sports betting experts evaluate variables like run offense and run defense from the teams. Find a sports betting system that works well for you and use it to consistently win your bets.…

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Rubber Mulch: The Best Playground Surface Material

Rubber Mulch: The Best Playground Surface Material

Are you planning to get your unused school playground resurrected? Wondering what type of playground surface to install? Then you should consider installing rubber mulch playground surfaces. Read this article to find out more about rubber mulch playground surface material and its features.

Most playgrounds either have grass or stone chips surfaces, therefore are quite unsafe to play on. This is because while playing children normally tend to fall down and when they do, they get badly injured. Cemented playgrounds are far more dangerous compared to grass and stone chip surfaces. While wooden surface playgrounds have a nice look about them, they have a short life besides being prone to cracking and warping with time. However, there is a much better alternative that has come up and is the most preferred playground surface hitherto. They are the rubber mulch playground surfaces.

It has become a very popular form of playground surfacing these days and the reason being their great ability to cushion falls and minimize the impact of falls. These are made from recycled rubber materials like truck tires, cycle tubes, rubber pipes, etc. When the used rubber products go through the recycling process, all impurities present in them get removed. Further, they are shredded and de-vulcanized to produce the clean rubber mulch.

Some of the core reasons, why rubber mulch playgrounds are so popular today are:

* It provides a cushioned surface that avoids any kind of serious injuries after a sudden fall.

* It does not allow any unwanted growth of weeds on the playground surface.

* They are highly efficient in absorbing water readily after a heavy rain shower.

* They come in various textures, colors and sizes. This gives an opportunity to people to select the playground rubber of their choice.

* With used rubber being used to produce the playground rubber, these waste rubber products do not end up in landfills.

* They last long and have an expected life term of about 20 to 25 years. This makes them an economical playground surface solution.

* They hardly require any maintenance and the rubber does not decompose easily.

* They do not attract bacteria or pests.

* The rubber mulch material is approved by IPEMA and ADA.

* Finally, it is completely non-toxic and environment friendly.

Using rubber mulch for playgrounds is a highly effective way of minimizing head and other injuries that children normally sustain on playgrounds. It can be applied on any playground and most importantly; they are more affordable when compared to asphalt, granite and wooden playground surfacing materials.

Today, the use of rubber mulch is not constrained to playground surfacing only. It is a common feature in zoos, amusement parks and even shopping malls. The reason for this is its reasonable pricing and high durability factor. In order to install rubber mulch on playgrounds, one can hire the services of a reputable manufacturer and installer of rubber playground surfacing.

It provide playgrounds with a superior look and feel. The dynamic nature of designs and varied colors of rubber mulches make the whole playground lively. The decision of using this for the playgrounds is certainly a wise option. However, it is important to choose the right kind of supplier, who can be relied upon for providing exactly what is required.…

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Design Playground in Backyard

Design Playground in Backyard

Playground is one of places that kids are able to hover over all day long. It seems to have the magic appeal to every little people by taking advantage of their curious and active natures. In this point, have you considered building simple playground in your own backyard? Designing playground is easy but tricky. Here are some advices that may help you.

Think of age appropriate

Before invest your money to large variety of playground equipments, make it clear what kind of toys are beneficial for kids’ development according to their age. It is good idea that giving toddler pattern blocks rather than bicycle.

Think of outdoor play structure

The main component of playground is outdoor toys that have wide range of varieties to choose from in market. And it is the part that needs the most efforts and energy as it involves so many important factors including space, budget, and toy you want to buy, and even subsequent installation and maintenance. One of the most common choices from parents is the swing set. Swings, climbing wall and slide are most popular components for simply swing set, while large playset has more elements like monkey bars, fort, steer wheel and plastic telescope.

Think of safety

Base on your backyard and playground equipment to make safety zone and cover the ground with appropriate turf which protects kids from injuries caused by unexpected fall. The best shock absorbing materials are wood chips, sand and recycled rubber mulch. Even through adult supervision is still essential as there is no playground that guarantees 100% safe.

Think of landscaping

Playground should not be the only part of backyard. It should be one of decorations together with other creatures in backyard. A variety of flowers and plants can make your backyard more appealing and charming. They can also help children to be better understanding nature by watching plants grow, flower and dormant. It can be another type of backyard adventure besides physical and mental exploration on playground. If you are interesting in buying swing sets in Australia, you can visit .…