Petrol? Premium or Standard

In the current economic climate it can be hard to justify spending extra on premium fuel, but is it really worth it? What is the difference between premium petrol and standard or regular petrol? To start with, I firmly believe it depends on the car you drive. If you don’t drive a premium or high performance car then you don’t really need any extra performance from your tyres or petrol, and in fact, premium petrol wouldn’t make any noticeable difference to the performance of your car, so don’t waste your money on it!
What is the difference anyway? It’s all about the RON (road octane number). Standard petrol has a RON of 95 which is sufficient for most cars, and premium petrol has a RON of about 98. Clear as mud, right? So, what’s a Road Octane Number?! It is actually a combination of a load of different rating numbers for different aspects of your fuel, but the biggest factor is its octane rating. This measures the fuel’s ability to resist engine knocking. This occurs when the fuel that is burning in the engine’s cylinder explodes, which creates a little shockwave. The higher the octane rating, the lower the chances of engine knocking.
If you strive to be environmentally friendly (and drive a car!), you will appreciate knowing that premium petrol causes less pollution both to the air, and to your car due to the detergents inside it. Perhaps for you this will outweigh the extra cost of premium petrol.
So far it’s not looking good for premium fuel. Is it worthwhile for anyone to buy it? Well, if you drive a high performance sports car, has a turbo-charged engine or you are a regular attendee at race days, then yes! In fact, some turbocharged cars or those with racing engines with high compression, actually need premium petrol to work as they are supposed to. Also, as a general rule, the higher value the car (such as Mercedes or other premium brands, and sports cars like Porsches or Ferraris), the greater the benefit of using premium petrol. It will deliver improved performance and marginally quicker acceleration. However, the difference may not be so great as to be worth approximately 10p extra per litre, especially not the way the price of fuel is going! If you are going to be spending extra money on anything for your car, you are better off buying premium tyres rather than an average brand, they will help improve the responsiveness of your car, its cornering ability, and shorten its stopping speed.…

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Organizing Your Garage To Make Better Use Of Your Space

When people think about organizing their living space they usually forget one very important “room” in their home… the garage. Unlike the other rooms of their house the garage serves many uses.
It stores their car… to keep it dry and warm and out of the bad weather.
It stores their lawn mower, gardening tools and lawn furniture.
It stores their snow blower.
It stores their bicycles and other sports gear.
Sometimes it’s even used as a workshop, complete with workbench and tools.
So many uses… yet, it’s the least thought about room of the house.
When we go for walks around our neighborhood we get to peak into many people’s garages… since a lot of people leave them open. And I always says “those people need me!”.
Many people’s garages are packed from floor to ceiling with “stuff”. A lot of people can’t even get both cars into their garage because there is no room. Yet they have no problem letting the entire neighborhood see their disorganized space.
Organizing your garage is important because of the many functions that it serves. By stepping back and thinking about the various functions and organizing your garage into “zones” you can get the best use out of your space. Have a “sports zone”, a “garden zone”, a “tool zone”… and so on.
It is very important to remember that due to the various temperature changes and the humidity (and since most garages are not heated) you need to consider the types of materials (shelving, cabinets, storage units… ) that you use. Plastic shelves and containers are probably better options than wood.
Don’t store things in paper boxes due to the moisture… or you might end up with mold. Keep things off of the floor so that they don’t get wet.
There are numerous pegboard type systems out there that can be used to hang all of your tools and get them off of the floor. Remember to use your vertical space. You can also mount shelving to hang from the ceiling for “above car” storage. And there are numerous options to hang your bikes.
By using a combination of storage options for your various needs you can double or triple your space and have a garage that can also be used for your… car.
A company that has some great options to help you with organizing your garage is: Store with Style (formerly Gargae Outfitters). Another important thing to remember is that you should have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in the garage.
Organize your garage… and make your neighbors happy!…

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West Indies Cricket – Breaking A Stop Situation

So the West Indies finally break their stop situation. Since 1979 a major trophy has eluded this once great power in the game. But on Sunday, against a strong Sri Lanka team with home advantage, the West Indies finally stood up to be counted.

For too many years the West Indies have badly under-delivered. A decade of disputes and distractions has weakened their collective focus and allowed individual persuasion to hold sway.

Self interest has appeared to be the order of the day, as the team has lacked a collective identity.

To break a stop situation is no ordinary feat. A stop situation is like a barrier or wall. It’s a point beyond which the individual or group can never get beyond. It’s what appears to be the limit of their capability.

Because the stop situation becomes the norm, people allow it to influence their thinking and beliefs about what is possible. Defeatist attitudes become accepted and standards become sloppy and inconsistent.

To break a stop situation requires strong leaders. Individuals who simply refuse to accept the norm. They are the ones who can see beyond the barrier, into a future that looks different to the present. And it helps if you have a rich history to draw from.

When Ian Holloway took over at Blackpool FC in 2009, the club had not been in the top division of English football since 1971. But Holloway had a feel and sensitivity for the history of the club. Blackpool in the 1950’s were a top attraction in English football, boasting some the games greats in their ranks.

Holloway found a way of connecting into this illustrious history, and injected that feeling into his leadership. In other words, he believed that Blackpool belonged amongst the very best in the game, because the clubs history informed him so.

His belief became the players belief, as Blackpool stormed into the Premier League with a dramatic Play Off win against Cardiff. A stop situation was broken.

When a stop situation is broken you can be sure that there is a smart leader at the helm of the operation. An individual who is not tainted by past failures or limited thinking.

Obvious examples are Sir Clive Woodward and his England Rugby World Cup leadership. Or Duncan Fletcher and his England Ashes winning team of 2005. Or Dave Brailsford and his astute leadership of the Great Britain cycling project.

The breaking of a stop situation doesn’t happen all at once. It’s a gradual step by step process. Each movement forward injects a dose of belief and increased sense of possibility.

You know as a leader that things are on track, when the team care as much, if not more, about each others performance, than their own.

In a team of self interest, individuals can become jealous when others succeed, as they feel it makes them look bad. Deep down they are happy when others under-deliver, as this reflects better on themselves.

In such an atmosphere, it becomes impossible …

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The Fundamentals Of Sports Betting

Most people lose money betting on sports. That is just a sad fact. And the reason they lose is always the same, no matter who the bettor is. So if you are losing it is probably not your fault. It is a lack of knowledge of the fundamentals that is the heart of the problem. Fortunately, a little knowledge can help turn things around.
You have likely never heard that there were fundamentals involved with sports betting. But it is no different than anything else. There is fundamentally a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you get it wrong, you lose your money, so it would be wise to understand what you are supposed to be doing.
There are only two fundamentals when it comes to sports betting and here they are
1) Only bet when you have a known edge. That means you should have at least a 53% probability of winning the bet based on the situation of the game.
2) Never place a bet when you do not have a known edge, or cannot identify it. If you don’t have an edge or know what it is, it’s a loser.
Sports Betting winners win money the same way the casino wins it from everyone else. They always place bets that give them an edge and they always know what the edge is BEFORE they bet the game.
There is no miracle bet or secret that will make you rich. You make money by exploiting known edges. You lose money by betting without them. It really is that simple.…

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How to Find a Suitable Bra?

When you do not know how to locate the right kind of bra for yourself then you will see that you will need to get some information for yourself and then you will need to make sure that you use the information for yourself. But make sure that the information you getting for yourself are useful and help you gets the kind of job which you want for yourself. Read through, to get a bit of information to use.
When you want to find the suitable bra for yourself then you will need to consider so many things before you purchasing one for yourself and then you will need to use them to get the bra which you require for yourself. So what you should do is consider about the size, colour, shape, design, and material and so on. However, you will need to make sure that when you are getting the bra that you think about all of that and you should also think about other things as well to make sure that you get the right kind of bra for yourself.
When you think that you might need more useful information about bras then what you should do is make sure that you get it from a reliable source and you should also make sure that you get the information from the internet and also from other locations as well. However, make sure that you only use the information which you find useful for yourself and also not others.…

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Sports Picks Buffet Review

Imagine placing your bet on your favorite sport and your bet is actually thousands of dollars. Right now this probably sounds like a fantasy to you because there is no way that you will ever have that kind of money to be able to bet with. But what if there was a way to be able to build up that type of capital in just a short amount of time. I’m sure that you would be the first in line to be able to make that happen even if it was just once and you knew that you could win. With the Sports Picks Buffet you are going to be able to build that surplus and bet big forever.
1. Reach For The Stars.
If you want to win big than you need to think big in order to make things happen. It is time to stop paying thousands of dollars a year for just one person to tell you what they think in just one sport. You are going to make more money when you are able to bet on several different sports and have the opinion of several hundred people. This is the benefit that you are going to get with Sports Picks Buffet. Not only are you going to get picks from hundreds but you are going to have all sports covered.
2. No Limitations.
By overpaying and getting to little you are shorting yourself of the greater possibilities of success. Your time has come to finally start winning in the betting department so you can make a serious living and stop working for a boss that you probably hate as much as rush hour traffic.
3. Making a Living.
The time has come for you to step up to the plate with the Sports Picks Buffet and get the advice you need from the professionals that know so you can start making a living and actually enjoying life the way that it is meant to be enjoyed. And to think that you are going to get all of this at such a low irresistible rate that you are going to be amazed just to hit the accept button.…

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The Importance of Playground Equipment

The Importance of Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment

Children make and are the heart of any nursery or school environment. The playground equipment we can bring into the school environment nowadays to develop imagination and education is truly amazing. Why not develop your school even further by taking a look at some playground equipment. By playground equipment we don’t mean just a swing, slide, marbles or hopscotch. The range on the market these days is fantastic to feed imagination along with develop each child’s individual needs in many different ways.

Slides, Swings, Springers and More

Playtime is a great time for children to let off some steam, get some fresh air and get some physical exercise. With playground equipment you can help them do all of these things whether it be a small piece of equipment such as a target like basketball nets and number targets or a full range of equipment like trim trails which are fantastic timber structures which may be purchased as a single item and added to, to make a full circuit. Each piece of trim trail develops strength, co-ordination, and all round physical ability for any age. Balancing beams, monkey bars, bridges, steps and scrabble nets can all be seen in the trim trail range of playground equipment.

Playground Markings

Jumping, running, balancing, hopping, counting and reading. Playground markings are a fantastic addition to any playground area. For maximum impact we always recommend solid versions of our markings. Explore the many playground markings available.

Safety Surface

Although not necessary to have with some playground equipment, safety surfaces are worth a look at. Not only are they good to add extra colour and fantasy to the playground, you are also ensuring each child is extra safe in your care and supervision. Safety surfaces come in all shapes, sizes and designs. You can choose to have some colour, a game or a picture designed onto the ground creating more opportunities for the children to develop. Purchasing some Playground equipment can help any school reach necessary targets set by the government and with the flexibility of either buying small pieces and adding to them or choosing a large range and spreading the cost. They both help with the set budgets schools have to work with. Most children’s favourite time of the day is playtime, Imagine how they would feel if the school playground was transformed into a world to feed imagination along with ensuring they have the best of the best at your school not only in an educational way but in a fun way too!…

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Sports Arbitrage Trading

Sports arbitrage trading is a proven system of placing bets, which guarantees you a return on your investment. How is this possible? When different bookies give odds on the outcome of a sports event, they often disagree or favor a certain team.
When the payout ratios on the odds are calculated, an arbitrage event occurs when the total of the payout (betting on both sides) is less than 100%. Most arbitrage opportunities present profit margins of 3 to 5%. However, it is not unheard of for them to occasionally reach 10 to 15%.
A three to five percent return on a “trade,” does not sound like much, but when you consider the fact that it is a risk-free investment, the profit is not taxable, and this can be done many times in the course of a day, one can see how it can add up fast.
With online sports betting being worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of bookmakers giving different prices (odds) on the outcome of sporting events, hundreds of “arb,” occasions spring up daily.
From rugby to tennis, football, soccer, basketball, and just about every sport imaginable – sports betting has become a multi-billion dollar industry.
It is still growing. The Web has made it possible to place bets on the other side of the world (in real time) arbitrage events, allow traders to profit, regardless of the outcome of the match. Today, more and more people are cashing in on it.
Traders set up their bets in such a way, all possible outcomes are covered, thus making it a sure bet. Any risk-free investment opportunity is worth taking the time to learn in today’s economy. Nowadays there are sport-arbitrage companies, as well as first-rate software, which will alert you to every “arb” event.
For those who are serious about making a very decent living using sports arbitrage trading, having the proper tools needed to do this is a must. Look no further than the expert, Rajeev Shah. He was world’s first to invent software, which finds, calculates, as well as alerts users to arbitrage opportunities.
His 15+ year hands-on experience in the field gained him insight to develop his own methodology. His book – SPORTS-ARBITRAGE “How To Place Riskless Bets, and Create Tax Free Investments,” is the current foremost authority on the subject.
The many aspects concerning sports arbitrage are things, which one must know in order to correctly go about placing risk-free trades. There is no need to have any sports related knowledge when it comes to “arb” trading, but there is much one needs to know about arbitrage betting before consistent profits are attained.
From a beginner, to the professional, this book gives clear, concise examples, in a easy to understand text which shows, more than tells, every how-to concerning sports arbitrage trading. Rajeev Shah is an Author, speaker, and foremost authority on sports arbitrage trading, whose website can be found:…

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Safety in a Children’s Playground

Safety in a Children’s Playground

Safety in a children’s playground is something that should not be taken lightly. It is very important to keep our kids safe and free from bodily injuries and accidents. Here are a few things we do as parents to ensure our kids will have the most fun and still be safe.

Make sure the child has enough coordination and balance to climb or walk whatever challenge he/she may encounter in the playground. Make sure what they want to climb is not too high and that they have enough balance and strength to hold on to the bars in the playground if they want some challenge. Kids like to think they can do things they are a little small and too young to do. If the bars or something else in the playground are too high for your child, you might consider staying right behind your child to help keep the child safe and should your child slip or fall you can easily grab him.

Make sure the playground is appropriate to your child’s age – playground that says that it is only for kids 5 years and older may not be safe for your child. Watch the other children that are around your child. If you have a two year old child and there is another child that is much bigger playing in the playground and that child thinks it is a great idea to run and jump and go down the slide without looking who may be below, that might be dangerous for your child. Your child can easily get injured by another child in the playground, especially an older, taller child who is thinking solely of his own enjoyment and does not look around to see if other kids are in the way.

Your kid, for example, might find it fun to stand by the bottom of the slide while another kid is not looking around, goes down the slide really fast, and before you had a chance to do anything, your child gets hurt by the older child who did not look around. If the older child is a bit too reckless, you might want to tell him to take it easy while your child is playing in the playground. Kids will usually listen to grown-ups when they are told to be careful, and if not, you can always search for their parents. You don’t want your child to get hurt or injured you want your child to have fun along with the other kids, so sometimes with kids you may need to be assertive.

If you follow these precautions, you reduce the possibilities that your child may be hurt in the playground.…

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