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Playtime is More Fun at Commercial Playgrounds

Playtime is More Fun at Commercial Playgrounds

Playgrounds are fantastic places for kids to have fun and indulge in physical activities that keep them fit. Sports and games help them increase their concentration, balance, dexterity, agility, and also stimulate their imagination. Both the mind and the body of your children will work in coordination if your child plays regularly. However, to be able to achieve this goal, playgrounds need to be equipped properly. There are several companies manufacturing field equipment for children.

What you should remember while acquiring gear for playgrounds

Normally such equipment is installed in places like schools, day care centers, and public grounds that are meant particularly for children.

* Since it is meant for kids, you must take special note of the material that is used for building it. It should be strong and durable so that children may play with abandon. The material should also be weather resistant for outdoor use.

* Equipment installed in schools and public parks should accommodate more children than the ones meant to be installed at homes.

* Although no parent or adult in charge of children needs to be told that they should make sure that everything that they give children is safe, parents must remember to enquire about the safety features of playground related products used in schools. Playground equipment with sharp edges should not be bought since they pose a danger to kids. If the structure or system does not have the correct finish then it is advisable not to buy it.

* Amenities like tables, benches, litter bins, and bike racks are often available.

* Lastly, the equipment must be eco friendly and easy to maintain.

Budget is also an important factor to be kept in mind while making purchases.

Certain points to be kept in mind during installation

Gear used in playfields can be customized according to the needs of users. Hence, when you select a set, you may customize the height and color of the equipment along with the attachments.

There are several stores from where you can buy playground equipment. Even at online stores you will find the ones for schools as well as the ones for your home. You just need to surf a little to find the one that you need. Install playing equipment at home and give your children the scope to enhance their fitness level while enjoying themselves.…

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The Unfinished Saga of Rafer Alston, Aka Skip To My Lou

The Unfinished Saga of Rafer Alston, Aka Skip To My Lou

On February 3rd, 2012, it was announced that Rafer Alston, also known by his legendary playground basketball nickname, Skip To My Lou, would return to the professional basketball scene. The NBA Development League team L.A. D-Fenders, decided to add him to their roster. A former playground basketball legend who helped And1 launch a “streetball” empire that defined a generation, Rafer’s story starts in Queens, NY with stops in Las Vegas, the NBA, China and any other city, town or driveway with a basketball net.

Few basketball players today can rival the incredible rise to stardom as that of Rafer Alston. Having his talents first covered in the 8th grade before starting his epic career at Cardozo High School in Queens, NY, Rafer was soon seen on the famed courts of Rucker Park, breaking ankles and embarrassing guys twice his age and double his size. He was soon given the nickname “Skip To My Lou” in honor of his patented skip-like dance he would do as he would dribble the ball up the court. Crowds of all ages would go wild as they hung from tree limbs, perched on rooftops and fought the elbowing crowds just to get a glimpse of the skinny kid with the sleep eyes playing basketball.

Rafer tried the college basketball scene but was not very successful, after a year long stint at Venura College, Fresno City College and then Fresno State. Skip To My Lou was not the same when facing college competition off the asphalt and soon made his way back to the east coast to follow his dreams to the NBA by other means. Rafer would soon be offered a stage on the international scene of streetball, as promoted by the trash-talking, in-your-face basketball apparel brand, And1. Rafer helped pioneer the And1 Mixtapes, a 6-part series which soon led to the And1 Mixtape Tour, an entertaining, action-packed showcase of the elite of streetball talents, antics and swagger.

Quickly becoming an international icon, Rafer was first given the shot to perform in the NBA by the Milwaukee Bucks. Never given a real shot by the hard-headed coach George Karl, Rafer would begin his NBA career bouncing around from team to team, like many other journeymen veterans. Rafer had short stints in Toronto and Miami before settling into his first real opportunity to perform with the Houston Rockets. An effective point guard who started a handful of games and played well next to Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming, Rafer would prove himself, as a solid leader. He would bounce around from Houston to Orlando to New Jersey and eventually back to Miami where he was released after missing a practice and a game.

Rafer tried his hand in the international scene in China but now returns to the NBA seeking a shot to make a come back as a 35-year-old veteran, still finding solace and staying out of trouble on the hardwood or ashphalt floor of basketball.…

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Let the Children Play – Help Them in Growing Better!

Let the Children Play – Help Them in Growing Better!

Play time is utmost fun but do children realize how essential it is for them to grow? Well, the following article has good information about the necessity of playing for children and how you can let them grow in a better way.

Playing is an essential activity for every child but, with the arrival of the computer and Internet, the amount of time children used to spend outdoors has rapidly decreased. Children are getting confined to the four walls of their home because of which, they have stopped growing properly.

However, it is very important that children go in the outdoor and play for a better health and wellbeing. Outdoor playing not only provides fun but also stimulates the mental growth of a child as well.

Today, it has become really important to encourage kids to play on a regular basis by which they do some amount of exercise as well. According to the U.S analysis, every four children are found to be overweight, unhealthy, lethargic and of slow mind which is really bad for their future and there is an urgent need to stop this problem right from the beginning.

Outdoor playground equipment really helps children to engage in fun activities, their mental, physical and social growth. A playground in a school provides the perfect opportunity for children to run around and stay active for at least 30 minutes in a day which is actually very beneficial for them.

Allowing them breaks to have fun in playgrounds keeps the children’s mind active throughout the day and even makes them feel refreshed again. This in turn, helps them to concentrate in their studies even better.

One could think that playgrounds are just meant for the enjoyment of children but one must know that, they are constantly learning various things through outdoor play. Playground mulch and jungle gyms are some of the coolest playground equipment that helps children to learn how to interact with each other and build their social skills.

Children tend to understand what kind of social behavior is acceptable in the society. Furthermore, by providing an exciting and pleasing playing environment to children, it allows the children to release the pressure of studies from their minds and enhances cognitive development as well.

Playground equipment like sandpits, play tunnels and swings help children to use their imaginative power which is necessary for them in every area of life. When the children start playing outdoors regularly, they tend to think and act themselves, start taking decisions which thereby increases their self-esteem, confidence and independence.

From a very early age it is imperative that these skills are encouraged and allowed to be built in them so that they can fully develop and reach their true potential.

Placing a variety of different equipment in the playground or backyard would surely contribute to the development of different areas of the brain in children.

Therefore, it is extremely important for children to have their ‘down time’ where they could totally relax and get rid of excess energy. The importance of the playground is not to be underestimated and must be well thought out.…

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Jim Brown – An Amazing Pro Player

When you hear the name Jim Brown you can’t help but think ‘football’. He was an amazing pro player and some of his record achievements still stand today. The most amazing thing about him is that these records were set during a short eight year professional career and with one team, the Cleveland Browns. But as great as that is, Brown is much more complex an athlete than you might expect.
James Nathaniel “Jim” Brown was born on February 17, 1936 to Theresa and Swinton Brown. He grew up on St. Simon’s Island off the coast of Georgia. This unique community would be the foundation for Brown and the influence of his grandmother would shape his life. He was self-reliant and smart and loved the outdoors and all kinds of sports. He was strong and agile but no one ever dreamed that his future would hold such greatness. At the age of eight, Brown’s family moved to Manhasset, New York. Once he entered high school there, his athletic talents were noticed and doors were opened.
It was at Manhasset High School that he became a football star and athletic legend. He earned 13 letters in sports playing football, lacrosse, baseball, basketball and running track. The joy he felt when playing these sports drove him to play more and improve his skills. His natural ability and love for the games would prove to be the fuel that drove his life and his success. Of course he wanted to continue to play and was eager to get on to college and hopefully the pros. He was accepted to Syracuse University and welcomed into the sports arenas there.
In his senior year, Brown was a unanimous first-team All-American. He finished 5th in the Heisman Trophy voting, and set school records for highest rush average (6.2) and most rushing touchdowns (6). He ran for 986 yards-third most in the country despite Syracuse playing only eight games-and scored 14 touchdowns
Brown was taken in the first round of the 1956 draft by the Cleveland Browns. He departed as the NFL record holder for both single-season (1,863 in 1963) and career rushing (12,312 yards), as well as the all-time leader in rushing touchdowns (106), total touchdowns (126), and all-purpose yards (15,549). He was the first player ever to reach the 100-rushing-touchdowns milestone, and only a few others have done so since, despite the league’s expansion to a 16-game season in 1978 (Brown’s first four seasons were only 12 games, and his last five were 14 games).
Brown holds the record for total seasons leading the NFL in all-purpose yards (5: 1958-1961, 1964), and is the only rusher in NFL history to average over 100 yards per game for a career. Brown was also a superb receiver out of the backfield, catching 262 passes for 2,499 yards and 20 touchdowns. Every season he played, Brown was voted into the Pro Bowl,and he left the league in style by scoring three touchdowns in his final Pro Bowl game.
Perhaps the most amazing feat is that Jim Brown accomplished these records despite never playing past 29 years of age. Brown’s 6 games with at least 4 touchdowns remains an NFL record. Brown led the league in rushing a record eight times. Brown’s 1,863 rushing yards in the 1963 season remain a Cleveland franchise record. It is currently the oldest franchise record for rushing yards out of all 32 NFL teams. He was very difficult to tackle (shown by his leading 5.2 yards per carry), often requiring more than one person to bring him down.
Brown retired far ahead of the second-leading rusher and remains the league’s eighth all-time leading rusher, and is still the Cleveland Browns all-time leading rusher.
Brown’s memorable professional career led to his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971, while The Sporting News selected him as the greatest football player of all-time. Brown’s football talents at Syracuse garnered him a berth in the College Football Hall of Fame. Brown also earned a spot in the Lacrosse Hall of Fame, giving him a rare triple crown of sorts as well as being one of the few athletes to be a Hall of Fame member in more than one sport.
Brown’s claim to the title of greatest running back of all time is supported by statistics. In 118 career games, Brown averaged 104.3 yards per game and 5.2 yards per carry. None of the NFL’s career rushing leaders comes close to these spectacular totals.…

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Playground Equipment – Helps In The Overall Development Of The Children

Playground Equipment – Helps In The Overall Development Of The Children

Playgrounds are the best place for the overall development of your children. Playing with and around the playground equipment contributes to their psychological, physical, social, emotional well being. There are a number of recreational equipment which can be placed in the playground, just make sure that these are safe for your children.

As a parent, you will always want your child to be healthy and fit, confident and bold and balanced. You might think of various ways of inculcating these qualities, like sending them to personality development clubs, making them join activities club etc. Though these are great for developing a child’s personality, there is also a simple way out, i.e, let your children play outdoors freely in the playground.

Playground plays a very important part in the overall development of the children. Playing outdoors with other children, helps in building social interaction level and while playing they learn to deal with various situations arising between themselves. Playing on the playground equipment and running around, all these activities contribute to the psychological, physical, social, emotional well being of the children. And the best part is that for this you don’t have to run after them as all children love playing outdoors and if allowed, they can play all day long.

So rather than searching for various clubs or schools, it is better you make sure that the playground in the neighborhood is furnished with various types of recreational playground equipment. There are many types of equipment such as merry go rounds, see saws, swing sets, spring riders, slides, Funnel ball game, monkey bars, jungle gym, sandbox playhouses, mazes and many more. Various kind of play structures which are placed by joining various pieces are also gaining a lot of popularity among children.

Children enjoy playing on these recreational equipment which in turn helps them in building physical coordination, strength, and flexibility. Running around the ground makes the heart healthy, climbing, swinging, balancing strengthens the arms and shoulders, and the legs. Playing also helps in treating obesity and overweight problems which are getting very common in today’s children.

Children don’t play with these equipment all alone but with many other children which helps in their social development. Children learn how to act and behave in a group like exercising self control and patience while somebody else is playing with a specific equipment and helping others. Working in a group makes them develop a self less attitude. They learn how to interact with their peers. Such kind of interaction helps in building a tolerant and a friendly attitude as it takes place between children from different backgrounds and cultures.

All playground equipment also allow the children to exercise their sensory and motor skills resulting into psychological and emotional development. When children conquer their fears by climbing a long ladder, crossing through the wiggling rope bridge and getting to new heights while swinging, their confidence level increases. While playing with the play structures and playhouses, children get to build their imagination and express themselves.

Thus you don’t have to take any extra effort for your child’s overall development except to look out that the equipment are made of non toxic materials and safe to play with and around. You can buy playground equipment from any walk in store or even from online stores which also offer these at affordable prices.…

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Want to Buy Rifles or Handguns? A Beginner’s Guide to Firearm

This article is for you if you are new to firearms or need a refresher course and want a rational or non-political introduction for dummies. Maybe you thought you would never own this weapon until recently. Or you fired your friends’ or family member’s rifle that one time at the farm ten years ago and want a refresher course before taking on the responsibility of owning this weapon.

A lot of individuals have been purchasing guns in record numbers as more rational individuals reject the culture around this subject and recognize the need of owning one for self-defense is pretty real, even in first-world countries. For example, liberals, women, urbanites, as well as individuals of all colors are some of the fastest-growing communities of firearm owners.

Visit this site to know more about the gun culture in the United States.

Regardless of background or political affiliation, people are welcome in this community. We believe that in responsible and modern ownership. Think of the civil debates, and the community will be a lot better off if they have at least accurately understood the subject of guns before arguing about it or fearing them.

Critical safety rules

Before discussing anything, first-time buyers need to commit to these very important and simple rules.”

Treat every gun as if it is always loaded until you know it is not.

Shooters should only point this dangerous thing to items they are willing to shoot.

Always make sure of the target and what is behind it.

Shooters should only put their fingers behind the trigger or inside the guard when they are ready to fire.

Modern and quality guns don’t just shoot independently, even if it was bumped or dropped. At least 99% of accidents related to firearms are caused by human error. By following these rules stringently, people do not allow the circumstances where something serious or bad can happen to start with.

And it is not the thing where individuals get more relaxed with these rules as shooters become more knowledgeable and experienced. As a matter of fact, the most advanced owners are usually the most stubborn about these things because they know how crucial the framework is. That is why first-time buyers will hear more experienced owners angrily call out things like “gun and muzzle discipline” at shooting ranges when individuals have their barrels at other shooters or in the wrong direction.

Check out for more details about how to clean a firearm.

The owner’s responsibility is to keep the weapons safe, locked, and secure, away from children or other people who should not get to them. There are more or less two million children in the United States that live in houses with unlocked and loaded guns. There are usually severe legal punishments if owners are careless with these things, like leaving loaded guns where small kids can access them.

Steps and gears first-time owners need to know

If people just want to go from not owning a gun to owning one to help protect them and be responsible, this is the needed gear and steps they need to take.

Individuals can go to local weapon stores or shooting ranges where they can work with instructors, salespeople, or responsible owners and try firing some guns before picking which one to buy.

Always go with a trusted friend or family member who can teach and loan you their weapons.

When a person plans to buy rifles, shotguns, or handguns, always consider safety before anything else.  These things should come with wire safety locks that loop through the magazine and chamber, making it incapable of firing. It may also come with excellent carrying or storage case people can use until purchasing the right one they want.

If the person lives in a house with at-risk individuals like disabled people, suicidal individuals, or kids, first-time owners need to get a gun safe or lockbox to keep their piece and ammunition out of the wrong hands.

Purchase ammo at reputable and registered shops. People will use at least a couple hundred rounds to practice and get to know their piece.

It is okay to purchase cheaper bullets while owners are learning about their pieces.

Always read the manual to know and understand how to make their guns safe, how to unload and load them, whether the shop or manufacturer suggests steps for breaking them in, as well as how to perform basic cleaning methods (the maintenance process will be performed after the piece was used).…

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Rubber Surfacing – Make The Playground A Safer Place

Rubber Surfacing – Make The Playground A Safer Place

The possibilities of injuries in a playground have always been an issue of concern. However, with rubber surfacing the chances of injury because of a fall from a playground equipment can greatly be reduced. They come in a wide range to choose from. Read on to know more.

A playground is one of the most loved places for kids. While there is a little doubt that the playground provides the opportunity for kids to play that is great for both physical and mental wellness, it also poses some serious safety concerns. It is unreasonable to expect from a kid that he will take care of himself but if proper care is not taken, there are many chances of kids getting hurt amidst the push and pull in playground. Injuries on the playground were very common some years ago, so there was a need for innovative ideas that can prevent or at least reduce to a great extent, the injuries that take place in a playground.

A good way to reduce the effect of a sudden fall from any equipment is rubber surfacing. It is very effective in preventing any serious injuries resulting from a fall as the rubber provides a cushion to the body of the child, protecting him from the hard surface of the ground. If the ground is rubber surfaced, you need not be concerned of a fall as the child will not get badly hurt even if he does fall. Especially, fatal injuries like head injury which were a serious danger earlier can be prevented with this surface. It can prevent against any fall of height up to 12 feet. It also depends on the thickness of the rubber surfacing, which in turn depends on the equipment installed. If the equipment is not too high, there are a very few chances of fatal fall while for an equipment that has considerable height, a thick covering of quality rubber surface becomes indispensable.

The playground surfaces are made of recycled rubber tires, pigment and polyurethane binder. They make the surface soft and comfortable, hence they can also be used as ground covering in areas where you walk often. It serves many purposes as a surface covering for your backyard, where the children can play and you can take a stroll. Not only does it serve the basic purpose of protecting the kids from injuries due to a fall, it also comes in an assortment of colors and designs that makes the ground look attractive. They can be colors like grass green and brown that lend a natural look to the ground to bright eye catching shades that are loved by the kids. Different color combinations can lend a unique and interesting look to the playground.

While it does require some investment to get the ground rubber surfaced, yet compared to the benefits of safety that it provides, it is worth the amount. Also once put into place, it doesn’t require much maintenance or repair. It is a strong and durable material that remains there for years altogether. If you want to get rubber surfacing done on any area, you can easily find a good company that installs high quality playground rubber surfacing over the Internet. Get rubber surfacing done and make the place safe for kids to play.…