Essential Playground Safety Tips

Essential Playground Safety Tips

Kids love playgrounds. They enjoy the play equipment, the open space to run around, have fun with friends and basically be themselves. But playgrounds and the play equipment need to be double checked to ensure they are completely safe for the children.

One has to be completely sure about the safety claims laid by the play equipment. For your children to be completely safe at all times, always trust a reputable equipment manufacturer. You must educate yourself with the safety standards followed as well as the essential specifications of every equipment.

To learn about the safety requirements that have been approved by the authorities, read authority and government guides on the same. Most of this information is easily available on the internet. The other tips to ensure the safety of playground equipment are listed below:

1. Buy the best suited equipment- Whatever you are planning to buy-slides, swings or climbers, make sure they are suited to the age of the children who will use them. A 5 foot slide is a potentially dangerous equipment when you are creating a playground for toddlers and pre-school kids. For a playground serving a wider age group, say 4 years to 12 years, then you must dedicate separate areas in the playground for each age group. Buying equipment that match with the children’s ability to use them is the first step in ensuring that accidents do not happen.

2. Set up the equipment thoroughly- You got a slide made of the safest and most durable plastic, but did not set it firmly on the ground- then the entire purpose of a good quality equipment goes waste. Always remember that improper installation can create a dangerous situation for both children as well as supervising adults. Following the correct installation instructions is even more important when you are doing the job yourself. Use the right tools and secure the equipment firmly to the ground. If you are unsure of the job you have done, call the pros immediately.

3. Prevent injury from falls- Ask the paediatrics unit of any local health facility and you will know that every year hundreds of kids get injured on the playground due to falls. Despite the good quality equipment and safe installation, falls are possible anytime. Children can lose their grip, or trip or slip and tumble straight to the ground. If the playground is solid earth, then they can hurt themselves real badly. That is why you must create a soft playground. Use rubber mulch, pea gravel, special safety mats, wood chips, sand or other playground surfaces that reduce the impact of falls.

4. Be vigilant- There is no way to be completely sure of the kids’ safety than being there and watching over them. Never leave children unattended on the playground. This is even more important for kids under 10 years of age. You must also train and educate the children to not get into a fight or even a pushing match when they are using playground equipment.

A playground is the best place for children to burn the endless energy they have in a positive way. They get fresh air, and the running, climbing helps them build their stamina and also serves as an exercise. You can make sure that the playground is a safe and secure place for them, by ensuring that all equipment- from playground slides to swings to climbers and playsets is safe and rightly installed.