Job Vs Franchise

When jobs are insufficient for demand, franchise ownership can seem attractive, but prospective franchise should weigh the pros and cons.
Now a day one of the key questions regarding job and franchise is that which is better for them, a job or franchise. It’s difficult to taking decision about it because both of them have pros and cons.
To this question a new wrinkle is introduced in today’s market, as many unemployed people are finding that they can find work by accepting underemployment. Whenever the economy comes out of recession underemployment has always occurred to some degree. Employers tend to increase qualification requirements and lower compensation when there are numerous seekers for every job. It simply may be considered as a reflection of the law of demand and supply.
The number of applicants is reduced and market forces tend to correct the situation as soon as people go back to work. As we know most recessions end with a significant surge of new economic activity and job creation so this usually happens fairly and rapidly during a recovery.
In this critical areas today’s market is seems to be quite different. Sometimes we heard the term jobless recovery used repeatedly in the media. Where underemployment rules the day there is no drought that this recovery seems stuck in a position. There is not a significant surge in job while we are seeing increased economic activity. Unemployment people accepting positions that provide lees than they previously and that do not offer benefits or that are only temporary contract positions.
In such type of climate the question is that whether we have to choose the franchise or job because the arguments both pro and cons shifted considerably.
In both of them job provides a guarantee of income in well defied work with less risk of losing it unless the employees decide to quit it.
If you are looking for franchise than pub franchise may be better option for you, because there is no more risk and money can be easily obtained for such type of business.