Putting the Necessary Safety Measures in Place So Kids Can Keep on Being Kids

Putting the Necessary Safety Measures in Place So Kids Can Keep on Being Kids

Accidents and injuries involving our young, developing kids are an everyday site. Like it or not, they’ll continue to happen, whether it be down at the park, around the home or in the large surroundings of their schools.

No matter how cold, sore, tired or hungry kids are, it takes an awful lot to deter our kids from playing. Full of energy and with a willingness to explore, kids are difficult to pin down or even slow down at the best of times.

From football and riding a bike, to playing on the swings and jumping of the playground, kids are always busy showing off their new found abilities and confidence and generally expressing their personalities. As parents and teachers, we can only but sit back and admire their development and excitable natures, whilst ensuring the risk of accidents and injuries is as low as can be.

Every parent has endured the experience of seeing their kids walking in the door from another day at school with bumps and bruises on their legs and arms. “What happened and why?” are normally the first questions raised by concerned parents.

Up until a few years ago, schools around the world were equipped with very few safety measures to help prevent accidents from occurring. Kids hanging from bars and swinging from playground equipment was an all too familiar site. Having concrete or grass in the playground area was considered normal for all schools.

Fortunately, grass and concrete have been replaced by a more logical and kid-friendly alternative, helping to reduce the risk of injury from falls, trips and spills. More and more schools have adopted this safety approach and consequently, kids are crying less and walking home to their parents a lot happier.