Recreation and Sports: Outdoor Fishing and Hunting

When I was about thirteen years old, my dad brought me a hunting video game for my video game system. At first, I did not know what to think about it since I had only “hunted” twice back at my parent’s hometown in Mexico, and I had never hunted big game in a video game. Little did I know I would get addicted to the game and would try to beat my personal records every time for biggest buck, largest bass, etc. In this article, we will discussing some aspects of hunting and fishing, and you might want to visit an axis deer trophy hunting ranch.

Outdoor Fishing and Hunting

When most people think about hunting, they get one of two feelings: 1) “Hunting and fishing should be eradicated because it is killing off certain species and is inhumane.” or 2) “I love hunting. We became the human race we are today by hunting animals, and if we stop, we may lose our roots.”

Though both of these can be true, the following facts are true for sure.

  • Hunting and fishing help conserve wildlife
  • Some see it as a nutritional alternative
  • Hunting can save certain animal populations
  • Hunters are in support of hunting regulations
  • Hunting taxes help the environment

Hunters and fishers don’t have full and unregulated access to hunting grounds and fishing areas. These sports are heavily regulated, and it takes teams of biologist and legislators to set the rules and regulations in order to conserve wildlife and create a sort of natural balance. Some people have gone back to hunting for game in order to gain real natural nutrients, instead of purchasing meat and fish from super markets. Certain countries have created hunting models that allow populations to not go extinct. Wild turkeys and mountain elk are two of the species that, if it weren’t for a sustainable hunting model, would have gone extinct. Hunters must and do obey the laws set forth by the hunting regulators. These state when hunting seasons start, when they end, how many kills a hunter can have, which game are not allowed to be hunted, etc. Finally, when hunters and fishers go hunting or fishing, they have to pay a certain fee. These fees and taxes help continue to care for wildlife and provide the needed maintenance and studies in and around hunting grounds.

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In conclusion, in this article we have discussed some of the different ways in which hunting can actually affect the environment in a positive way. Hunters and fishers are all part of a natural ecosystem and the reasons why they hunt and fish differ. Some do it to stock up on meat and fish for the coming season or year because they’re tired of buying meat from the store. Others do it because they like the sport and hunting the biggest game they could find, just like I did with the video game.