Rubber Playground Material – What Is Poured In Place Surfacing

Rubber Playground Material – What Is Poured In Place Surfacing

Poured in place safety surfacing has become the surface of choice for public and private schools, parks, and daycare centers. Companies install this 2-layer system consisting of a base material made of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and polyurethane nationwide. These materials are mixed and applied on site. The thickness of this surface can be modified to meet critical fall height requirements, providing maximum safety for commercial or residential playgrounds.

Why poured-in-place safety surfacing? Traditional playground surfaces such as wood chips or sand have 2 similar problems that put them at a huge disadvantage to rubber surfacing. First, these types of safety surfaces can never remain consistently level, potentially creating dangerous trip hazards. Secondly, using mulch or sand also requires regular replenishing leading to long-term financial burdens. That’s not to mention the mess that can be created from rain or snow. Poured in place surfacing is permeable to water and provides a smooth, trip-free surface allowing for possible play time even during rainy weather! Also, it is a perfect solution for playgrounds that need to accommodate those with special needs.

Design Possibilities When it comes to design, the possibilities are endless.Rubber playground surfacing is available in a variety of colors and designs can be customized. School logos, baseball and football field lines, or any other theme can be created. No matter which design or colors you choose, in the end the result is one truly unique, smooth and seamless surface. Most importantly, you will have the safest play surface on the market!

Choosing a Surfacing Contractor Poured in place surfacing comes with strict safety requirements that must meet ASTM standards. It is important to know that only highly trained individuals can perform this extremely technical and laborious process. This means you must hire a certified installer. There are companies out there who specialize in this rubber surfacing and have the capabilities for nationwide installation. A good contractor has the specialized equipment used to perform Head Impact Safety Analysis tests. When it comes to safety, take it serious and make sure you hire a reputable contractor for the installation of this unique and innovative surface.

It is no secret that poured in place surfacing has become the choice daycare providers when it comes to safety at their establishment. If offers a safer playing area then conventional surfaces with unlimited design possibilities. The price to have this unique rubber surfacing is tad more then other options, but then you really can’t put a price on safety.