Safety in a Children’s Playground

Safety in a Children’s Playground

Safety in a children’s playground is something that should not be taken lightly. It is very important to keep our kids safe and free from bodily injuries and accidents. Here are a few things we do as parents to ensure our kids will have the most fun and still be safe.

Make sure the child has enough coordination and balance to climb or walk whatever challenge he/she may encounter in the playground. Make sure what they want to climb is not too high and that they have enough balance and strength to hold on to the bars in the playground if they want some challenge. Kids like to think they can do things they are a little small and too young to do. If the bars or something else in the playground are too high for your child, you might consider staying right behind your child to help keep the child safe and should your child slip or fall you can easily grab him.

Make sure the playground is appropriate to your child’s age – playground that says that it is only for kids 5 years and older may not be safe for your child. Watch the other children that are around your child. If you have a two year old child and there is another child that is much bigger playing in the playground and that child thinks it is a great idea to run and jump and go down the slide without looking who may be below, that might be dangerous for your child. Your child can easily get injured by another child in the playground, especially an older, taller child who is thinking solely of his own enjoyment and does not look around to see if other kids are in the way.

Your kid, for example, might find it fun to stand by the bottom of the slide while another kid is not looking around, goes down the slide really fast, and before you had a chance to do anything, your child gets hurt by the older child who did not look around. If the older child is a bit too reckless, you might want to tell him to take it easy while your child is playing in the playground. Kids will usually listen to grown-ups when they are told to be careful, and if not, you can always search for their parents. You don’t want your child to get hurt or injured you want your child to have fun along with the other kids, so sometimes with kids you may need to be assertive.

If you follow these precautions, you reduce the possibilities that your child may be hurt in the playground.