Which Outdoor Playground Sets Are Best?

Which Outdoor Playground Sets Are Best?

Outdoor playground sets are very popular today, and there are a number of different kinds to consider. Keep in mind that there are 3 different materials used for playsets – wood, metal and plastic. Many people do not know which kind to go with, so here are some guidelines to help you decide:

Plastic playsets

These sets are the least expensive of the 3, and this is because they are the weakest. They get cracked easily, particularly with older children stomping on them. They are definitely not going to be able to handle a lot of rough playing. Also, they have the lowest quality look to them, and are certainly not going to help your backyard appearance any.

Metal playsets

These sets are obviously strong, although not as sturdy as wood. Metal tends to sway a bit during rough playing, although not as much as plastic. However, this material can still handle rough play easily.

These sets are also cheaper than wood sets. The problem lies in the fact that they rust easily, and also begin cracking as they get older. Therefore, as they age the appearance deteriorates relatively quickly.

Wooden playsets

This is the longest lasting kind of set of all, and it is able to handle years of rough playing without breaking down. Also, it actually gets better as it ages, and wood sets start appearing rustic and weathered after only 2-3 years of use. These sets are definitely the most expensive by a relatively wide margin, but they offer the best return on investment because they last the longest.

But not all wood sets are created equal

Make sure it uses weather resistant treatment. This protects it from getting damaged by the elements. These sets are also rot resistant and able to stand up to insect attacks. Some of the better versions include redwood and cypress.

Another thing about wood is that it has a more firm foundation than the other 2. Therefore, it does not rock around during hard swinging or playing, and is more stable. In other words, a wood set will never blow over during a windstorm.

Wood sets often offer additionally options, like slides, rock walls and even trapezes. Many of them even offer features for adults, such as hammocks and exercise rungs. All these options will obviously raise the price even more, but can be worth it for some people.


If you only have young kids and plan on only living at your house for a few years, than plastic would obviously work fine. However, if you are planning on staying for awhile and have older kids, wooden playsets would be your best option. Use these tips, and you will find the right playsets for your needs and budget.