Having Great Fun With Safe Playground Slides

Having Great Fun With Safe Playground Slides

A recent report has shown that playgrounds are vital for a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. In order to develop your beloved children to become all-rounded, I would highly recommend you to get them safe playground slides.

Seriously speaking, slides suit children of different ages. Even a 10-year-old child loves slides. A slide is one of the most common features on a children’s playground. In general, slides in the public playgrounds are usually made of composite materials, metal, plastic or fiberglass. However, if you plan to buy a slide to be placed in your backyard, you should choose those slides which made of wood or metal.

For your information, playground slides come in different colors, shapes and sizes. In terms of structure, a regular slide is basically a smooth slope with ladder on one end and you can find soft landing surface on the other end. In order to prevent the children from falling over, you can find the slides with slightly folded sides. You can also find more complicated slides in the market. You can find slides which come with wavy or spiral shape. If you want to have unique playground slides for your kids, you can consider placing your order from a manufacturer to get customized slides with special themes.

What benefits can the young kids gain from slides?

In January 2010, the Surgeon General reported that almost one in every three children in United States is suffering from obesity, In order to keep your children fit and healthy, it is a must for them to have regular exercise. It is indeed hard to get the young kids to follow the adults’ standard movements. They prefer to run and jump on their own. Getting them the playground slides is the best way to encourage them to move each part of their bodies. For your information, slides provide climbing exercise for both legs and the bars help to strengthen the arms and shoulders. By getting the children to climb and slide every day, they are able to develop their brains better. At the same time, physical exercise also helps to release the chemical endorphins that make young children feel happy and cheerful all the time. In short, I would say playground slides helps in maintaining healthy regime and positive attitude through the young children’s lives.

Last but not the least; before you make the purchasing decision, it is important for you to view the slides personally from the toy stores. You love your children very much. Hence, you don’t want them to get hurt. The main thing you need to consider is how safe the slide is. Is the slide sturdy? It is important for you to assess the quality of the slide by knowing the materials clearly. At the same time, you need to find out whether it is worthwhile for you to invest a certain sum of money on this particular item. You need to be smart so …

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Things Parents Should Never Say to Athletes

In my many years of teaching baseball and softball, coaching and parenting, I have noticed that parents often put pressure on kids without even realizing that is what they are doing. This pressure leads to tension between parents and their sports playing kids that may never go away. Parents feel like they are just trying to help their kids but the kids are getting a different message.
Of course, it is important to realize that small amounts of tension between parents and kids are unavoidable because of the various emotions that playing youth sports creates for all. Occasional tension, frustration and failure to meet expectations is normal and does not threaten long-term relationships. However, parents often overdo their scrutiny of their child’s play and stain their relationship with their kids.
Following are things parents should observe that will help them to know if they are putting excessive pressure on their kids.
1. Kids get mad every time you say something about their play.
2. Kids will not practice with parent or always leaves practice mad at their parent.
3. Kids are constantly looking to parent when they do something good or bad on the field.
4. Kids seem to perform better when parent is not at game.
Additionally, some parental statements seem pretty innocuous on the surface but eventually they create tension and resentment. At the very least, these statements and questions can take the fun out of play for kids. (Listed from bad to worse)
1. Why did you do that?
2. What were you thinking out there?
3. Why didn’t you do what I told you to do?
4. When I was your age, I could already do
5. You have to practice more
6. Look at me when I talk to you
7. I thought you wanted to play
8. That was embarrassing
9. You will never get anywhere doing that
10. Do what I tell you and not what your coach tells you to do
11. I am not paying for you to play if that is how you are going to play
12. Forget it; I am not coming to your games anymore
Once again, some of these may seem like legitimate questions but the emotional way they are said or asked, automatically create tension in kids. The good news is that positive parents, who avoid using these statements, will eliminate unnecessary tension with their kids.…

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Gents Alarm Watches

It’s no secret that a lot of men enjoy fashion accessories only if they serve some useful function in addition to style. This is as true for bags as it is for watches. Fortunately, designers in the fashion industry understand this truth. Retailers provide an assortment of gents alarm watches for the man who appreciates style as well as function. With as many choices as are available, it’s only up to the man to decide which style or styles he wants.
Most people are accustomed to the gents sports watch, which is what often comes to mind when one imagines a watch with utility features such as an alarm. Common features include an alarm, start/stop timer, and a glow-in-the-dark face. This type of watch is usually the least expensive of any type because of the way it is made. Rubber, plastic, or some other inexpensive material is used for the wristband to provide comfort and durability, and the bezel is most often made of rubber or plastic. Hard plastic is used for the “watch glass”. The time display on such a watch is almost always digital to allow easy reading during athletic activities. Colors such as red, green and yellow are commonly used to add a fun touch for these gents alarm watches. For occasions where damage to the watch is a concern, this is the proper option.
For other occasions, where sweat, dirt, or impact are not threats, more conservative gents alarm watches are appropriate. This is because, as with any accessory, the gents alarm watch should be matched appropriately to the rest of a man’s attire. (This is the same reason why gents sports watches come in so many different colors.) There are many style options available, ranging from casual to very formal with price varying accordingly. More casual gents alarm watches have wristbands that are made of suede, leather, and metal. As with any type of gents watch, there are a few main colors from which to choose for the wristband of this more casual style: black, gray, silver, and gold. Formal gents alarm watches typically are made entirely of metal such as silver or gold. Diamonds may be added as adornments to the bezel of these types of watches, increasing both the style and average purchase price. The watch glass may be made of plastic or crystal. Gents alarm watches intended for everyday wear tend to include date utilities, not start/stop timers or glow-in-the-dark faces as on sports varieties.
There are so many styles that there is at least one watch suitable for every man. Ideally, if a watch is needed for sports then a second watch should be purchased for professional and social affairs. For any time when style and function are both requirements, gents alarm watches are the right choice.…

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Playground Equipment for All Weather

Playground Equipment for All Weather

With today’s seemingly gloomy outlook for all areas of the economy and standards of living shouldn’t we be focusing on the children. We have already messed it up for the generation to come with our ignorance to the world in that we live in, the least we can do is try and make the early environments that children are surrounded by in their educational years the most rewarding it can be. Money spent on help a playground for children is better spent than building weapons.

More and more government funding is being released to improve playgrounds around the uk, publicity stunt? diversion tactic? Kids do not care what the weather is like, they just want to play on a pirate ship, swing, slide, springer or seesaw. Playing has been proven to be a key part of a childs social and mental development, engaging their minds and opening it up to more learning as they grow. Adults are the ones that lose that sense of fun, drowned out by the pressures of maintaining a standard of living, keeping the children inside because if they get dirty its more money to wash, replace or renew clothes. Is the need or lack of money causing a massive social divide right down to the playground.

Playgrounds and playground equipment need to be properly maintained and cleaned, ready to welcome children and not force them into indoor activities or other less favoured forms of exercise. In today’s world children grow too quick and see too much too soon, exposed to scantily clad adults on music channels, adult story lines well into what could be seen as times when children may be watching television. Bombarded with adverts so they can yearn for every new toy, toys that parents can not afford because of house bills, shopping bills and fuel bills constantly rising to pay large wages and to be used in less than honest business transactions. Has anyone been given their house back after the latest banking gaff, a gaff that contributed to a rise in interest prices that put many into rented accommodation or homeless altogether.

Where is the thought to the children, where is the encouragement to take your child to the playground, to sit on a seesaw without being glued to it by chewing gum. Parents pay bills, children just want to play and when they can not play and their parents are working two jobs to make ends meet and cannot give their child the emotional care he or she may need then what happens to that young persons childhood, the playing, the learning and the social interaction that is built upon with playground equipment and playground markings.

Children do not care if its raining, that means there are puddles to jump in and mud to play in. The world is built on money and corruption with recently a large company owner not realising that employees that work in betting offices are subjected to life threatening robberies, …

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Educating Children Through Musical Equipment

Educating Children Through Musical Equipment

The way children learn and how they develop has long been a fascination of psychologists across the world. There have been many studies to try to decipher ways in which to enhance children’s learning experiences and improve children’s play equipment to aid their development. Recent studies have highlighted the influence music may have on a child’s ability to learn.

A fantastic example of how music can benefit children is through the use of both musical playground equipment and music lessons. When children play in the school playground, they are given the freedom and space to explore and investigate new things for themselves. By using a variety of different playground activities, the children will learn a range of skills which can then be transferred to the classroom. Similarly, engaging children in music lessons not only helps break up their school day and keep them focused, but it allows for structure to be put in place to specifically develop certain talents.

Scientists have found that children can use musical instruments to develop their motor and co-ordination skills from very young age which is essential for their later life. By improving their co-ordination through dancing and singing, children can then transfer these new skills to the classroom where it can assist in activities such as learning to write and holding a pencil.

By learning songs and singing along to music tracks, it also helps young children to learn words which will then become useful in spelling. If children understand songs then they begin to get an understanding for what words mean and how they sound. When they start learning to spell, they therefore have a foundation to build upon. Another aspect of learning through music would be the extension in vocabulary. Children find it very easy to learn songs off by heart and without knowing it, are extending their vocabulary.

There are also several social benefits of playing with musical instruments both individually and within a group. At school children play and interact with each other which assists them in building confidence, self-esteem and the ability to work within a team. It can also help them understand boundaries and appropriate behaviour. Musical instruments and musical playground equipment give children the opportunity to create music by working together giving them a great sense of achievement. This allows them to improve their social skills whilst still enjoying themselves.

The use of musical education has become increasing popular especially with Key Stage 1 children due to the many benefits both academically and socially. So why not improve your playground surfaces by adding some imaginative musical playground equipment and incorporating music lessons into the curriculum.…

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Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths to Become More Successful and Happier

Tom Dempsey was born with a partial right arm, and only half a right foot. To most, that would have ruled out a life in football, but Tom had a different belief system.
He developed a custom kicking shoe that fit his disfigured foot, with a flat toe about three inches in diameter. With hard work, Tom mastered the technique of his special equipment. He would swing his leg and drive the ball like a polo player using a mallet, propelling a football long distances.
Unbelievably, Tom made it to the NFL and landed a job as kicker for a new team, the New Orleans Saints. The Saints were finishing up a dismal season. With only one win to date, they were playing a much better team, the Detroit Lions. With just two seconds remaining on the clock, Tom Dempsey had a chance to kick the game winning field goal. But, there was much more than just the game on the line: history was at stake. Dempsey hit a 63 yard field goal through the uprights-the longest field goal ever, propelling the Saints to a 19-17 victory. That kick was a defining moment in his life. Using his special strength, Dempsey became an inspiration to millions on that day in 1970.
All true winners have learned to turn an apparent weakness into a strength. David Meador is a champion in his own right; David won the U.S blind golf championship. But that is not what makes him special-David has learned to turn his blindness into a platform for his professional speaking business. David speaks around the country about focus-yes focus. He shares with his audiences that blindness has allowed him to remain focused on the important aspects of life. His blindness does not allow him to be distracted by television, YouTube or text messaging, aspects of everyday life that can deter many of us from achieving our potential. As David puts it, he is the only guy in America who can walk into Home Depot and not be distracted by anything on the shelves. David’s blindness is his strength. In fact, his message is so powerful that he usually receives a standing ovation; David’s apparent weakness is his most poignant ally.
Voltaire likened life to a game of cards. Each player must accept the cards dealt to him. But once those cards are in hand, he alone decides how to play them to win the game. Tom Dempsey and David Meador took their cards and played a great hand. What cards have you been dealt?
Drill: Playing your cards
Most people run away from their weaknesses, or just deny their existence. Sometimes it is too painful to acknowledge them or just too energy draining to work on them in our high paced lifestyle. What is not realized is that many of our weaknesses can become a great strength–it all depends on our perspective.
President Andrew Jackson turned an apparent weakness of having an overly hot-temper into a negotiating strength. Andrew …

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Which Outdoor Playground Sets Are Best?

Which Outdoor Playground Sets Are Best?

Outdoor playground sets are very popular today, and there are a number of different kinds to consider. Keep in mind that there are 3 different materials used for playsets – wood, metal and plastic. Many people do not know which kind to go with, so here are some guidelines to help you decide:

Plastic playsets

These sets are the least expensive of the 3, and this is because they are the weakest. They get cracked easily, particularly with older children stomping on them. They are definitely not going to be able to handle a lot of rough playing. Also, they have the lowest quality look to them, and are certainly not going to help your backyard appearance any.

Metal playsets

These sets are obviously strong, although not as sturdy as wood. Metal tends to sway a bit during rough playing, although not as much as plastic. However, this material can still handle rough play easily.

These sets are also cheaper than wood sets. The problem lies in the fact that they rust easily, and also begin cracking as they get older. Therefore, as they age the appearance deteriorates relatively quickly.

Wooden playsets

This is the longest lasting kind of set of all, and it is able to handle years of rough playing without breaking down. Also, it actually gets better as it ages, and wood sets start appearing rustic and weathered after only 2-3 years of use. These sets are definitely the most expensive by a relatively wide margin, but they offer the best return on investment because they last the longest.

But not all wood sets are created equal

Make sure it uses weather resistant treatment. This protects it from getting damaged by the elements. These sets are also rot resistant and able to stand up to insect attacks. Some of the better versions include redwood and cypress.

Another thing about wood is that it has a more firm foundation than the other 2. Therefore, it does not rock around during hard swinging or playing, and is more stable. In other words, a wood set will never blow over during a windstorm.

Wood sets often offer additionally options, like slides, rock walls and even trapezes. Many of them even offer features for adults, such as hammocks and exercise rungs. All these options will obviously raise the price even more, but can be worth it for some people.


If you only have young kids and plan on only living at your house for a few years, than plastic would obviously work fine. However, if you are planning on staying for awhile and have older kids, wooden playsets would be your best option. Use these tips, and you will find the right playsets for your needs and budget.…

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Tips For Picking the Right Golf Driver For Your Game

One of the most frustrating aspects of golf is the idea that you can shave off a few unneeded strokes, but you don’t know how. Sometimes, you can take a look at your driver; the driver is crucial in setting up each hole. Here are some tips for picking the right golf driver for your game.
1. The club head – The best club head size for your game is determined in your decision in the balance between control and the size of the “sweet spot”, which is the area that provides the best hit in a shot. The smaller sizes range from 150 to 155 cubic centimeters and are considered standard; they provide the most control but have a smaller sweet spot. Midsized club heads are about 195 cubic centimeters and are moderate in both control and sweet spot size. Oversized heads are any ones larger than midsized. They give the largest sweet spot, but are harder to control, partly because of the sheer weight.
2. The shaft – Choosing a shaft is a two-step process. First, you must decide between graphite and steel shafts. Then, you must choose a flex level. The decision between materials relies on your experience and end goals. Steel shafts are strong, durable, and offer control; however, you must be strong in order to produce the same distance that graphite does. Overall, stronger players should use steel shafts if control isn’t quite up to par. Graphite shafts are versatile but expensive. They are less durable and offer less control, but require less strength.
Flex, as the name implies, is the flexibility of the shaft. There are five basic levels of flex in golf: L for Ladies, A for Seniors, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff. Flexible shafts provide more power, which is a great aspect for beginning players as well as those with weaker swings. However, as shafts become less and less flexible, there is more control available. This is why stronger players should drift towards the Stiff and Extra Stiff flex levels; that is, if you have a 90-110 MPH swing, try out the stiffer two levels. Average swings are around 75-90 MPH, and players with those swings should stick with the regular level for now.
3. The weight and length – Obviously, the basic characteristics of weight and length should be considered. Basically, lighter clubs give faster swing speeds and farther hits. This translates into a simple concept: Players with stronger swings choose heavier clubs for more control. Lighter drivers work better for those without stronger swings.
The length of the driver is another decision in the balance between control and distance. Drivers with a length of 43 to 44 inches are considered traditional. Drivers 45 to 46 inches long can give a slightly longer distance. Any longer than 46 inches poses the opportunity to have a greatly increased potential for distance as well as a greatly decreased range of control.
Many of the aspects that must be considered depend on your swing …

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