Aid Your Memory With Lists

If you feel like you’re constantly forgetting things, you’re not alone. Memory problems plague a lot of people. You might think it’s a sign of age, but even younger people get forgetful, especially if they have a lot going on. Just look at any parent. Their lives are so complicated with getting kids to school, sports events and dance recitals and so on that things do tend to get forgotten in the hustle and bustle.
One way that you can give your memory a little nudge is by writing lists. You might think it’s cheating or a sign of weakness, but it really isn’t. It’s just a way to give your mind a little nudge in the right direction.
Of course, you have to make your lists in some sort of orderly fashion. If you have notes all over the house, it won’t help you. So, either keep your lists on your computer and check them a few times a day or, for even more convenience, write them and leave them in the same place all the time, such as on the kitchen table.
Also, remember to keep your lists in order. For instance, if you plan to go to three different stores, write the names of those stores and what you need at each one under the proper name. That way, you’ll stay organized.
Another good idea is to take paper and a pen with you wherever you go. That way, you can make a reminder for yourself as soon as you think of something that you want to remember.