Creating a Backyard Playground

Creating a Backyard Playground

Having a backyard playground installed is one way to achieve this and it is far more affordable than you might think. As with any other construction project though, the best backyard play yards are those that have been carefully planned. Here are some tips:

Setting Boundaries – If your backyard currently lacks a good boundary system – a fence or hedges – make sure that they are added during the construction of the playground. These boundaries keep the kids in and strangers out as well as defining the area of play.

Durability – There is very little point in investing time, money and effort into creating a backyard playground if you are then going to stock it with fragile plants and shrubs that will inevitably serve as kid magnets and get destroyed.

If you want to cultivate an attractive garden separately that’s great, just place it away from the area where the children will be playing and make sure that they know your gardening space is a no go zone.

For the play space itself sew a hardy type of grass that can stand up to a little abuse and consider having cedar chips laid underneath climbing frames and swings to cushion any falls.

Leave Some Open Play Space – Having one of those really nice custom jungle gyms installed will certainly delight your kids but they still need a little bit of plain old open play space as well. A simple grassy area is fine as it will make a great venue for tag, ball games and whatever else the children can dream up. Having a few trees planted around this area for shade is something to consider as well.

Specialized Play Areas – Specialized play areas are quite easy to create. A wide paved area can become a basketball court with the addition of a couple of inexpensive portable hoops and a few dabs of masonry paint can create a permanent hopscotch area.

Younger kids love to play in the dirt, but you may not really want to accumulate all that extra laundry. A built in sand pit makes for a perfect alternative. A good landscaping contractor can help here, creating a permanent pit that just needs a lid placed over it when not in use and the occasional topping up or replacement of the play sand.

There is a huge variety of playground equipment for use in the home playground these days but, before you get too carried away, remember that your kids will outgrow that little swing set and get too tall for the little climbing frame. Do not spend too much money on equipment that will be obsolete in a year or two, concentrate instead on creating a play space that is suitable for everyone.

These are just a few ideas to whet your appetite. The kind of backyard playground you create will be limited of course by how much space you have and your budget. A good landscaping professional will help you draw up a plan that makes the most out of what you have to work with.

Once all the work is done you will feel better knowing your kids are outside having fun and getting exercise and the games consoles are getting a rest, at least for a while.