Design Playground in Backyard

Design Playground in Backyard

Playground is one of places that kids are able to hover over all day long. It seems to have the magic appeal to every little people by taking advantage of their curious and active natures. In this point, have you considered building simple playground in your own backyard? Designing playground is easy but tricky. Here are some advices that may help you.

Think of age appropriate

Before invest your money to large variety of playground equipments, make it clear what kind of toys are beneficial for kids’ development according to their age. It is good idea that giving toddler pattern blocks rather than bicycle.

Think of outdoor play structure

The main component of playground is outdoor toys that have wide range of varieties to choose from in market. And it is the part that needs the most efforts and energy as it involves so many important factors including space, budget, and toy you want to buy, and even subsequent installation and maintenance. One of the most common choices from parents is the swing set. Swings, climbing wall and slide are most popular components for simply swing set, while large playset has more elements like monkey bars, fort, steer wheel and plastic telescope.

Think of safety

Base on your backyard and playground equipment to make safety zone and cover the ground with appropriate turf which protects kids from injuries caused by unexpected fall. The best shock absorbing materials are wood chips, sand and recycled rubber mulch. Even through adult supervision is still essential as there is no playground that guarantees 100% safe.

Think of landscaping

Playground should not be the only part of backyard. It should be one of decorations together with other creatures in backyard. A variety of flowers and plants can make your backyard more appealing and charming. They can also help children to be better understanding nature by watching plants grow, flower and dormant. It can be another type of backyard adventure besides physical and mental exploration on playground. If you are interesting in buying swing sets in Australia, you can visit .