Experiencing Everything Rome Has to Offer

You may feel overwhelmed when in Rome due to the sheer size and scale of what there is to see. The city is very compact which makes exploring it, far easier to do. The history in Rome is amazing and dates back over 2500 years. Many sporting events have taken place over the years from the amazing gladiator showcases to the Six Nations Rugby tournament. Rome has proved that it is an amazing destination for both culture and incredible sporting events.
There are two major stadiums in Rome one which houses the national football team and the other the countries rugby team. Rome is famous for having two amazing football teams, and both AS Roma and SS Lazio play at the Stadio Olimpico. Although you may be hoping to watch a game whilst in Rome, if the match is huge you may be disappointed. Tickets sell fast as the Italians love their football as much as their amazing cuisine.
Rome is surprisingly home to one of the best rugby stadiums in the world, and alongside Paris is one of the best venues to play at. When the rugby matches are being held the city comes to life with a huge array of party goers. Although you may be surprised to see the vast amount of rugby supporters in one city, they are harmless. If you do not have the opportunity to enjoy the game in the stadium, there will be plenty of venues surrounding it that are joining in the atmosphere.
When looking to travel to Rome you will need to consider the time of the year and what sporting events are being held. These will often determine how full the city accommodation is and how much difficulty you will experience when booking. Vacation accommodation is easy to find depending on the area that you want to stay in and your budget. If you are flexible with dates, accommodation and prices it will make it far easier for you to book.
Although the sports in Rome are very popular, there are plenty of other things to enjoy and a trip to this incredible city would not be complete without sightseeing. There are an incredible amount of fascinating buildings, monuments and architectural wonders to enjoy. Alongside the sightseeing, you should also take the time to enjoy the local cuisine and excellent hospitality.
Of course, shopping in Rome is a huge event, and no women can resist taking a stroll around the exquisite boutiques. With so much to offer visitors, it is no wonder that travelers return time and time again to explore everything Rome has to offer. Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend break, or a summer vacation Rome has it all.