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The permanent covering of a floor using plastic wood or any other material is what is known as flooring. The floors are what people step on while entering and moving about houses and hence making it a must to interact with. Floorings come along in many classifications that are based on differences in color, texture and even material.

There is a type of flooring made from tree barks that are peeled and is known as cork flooring. It is known for its natural nature, environmental friendliness and resistance to abrasion. This floor type is easy to clean and anti-allergenic and are famously used for sound proofing.

Secondly, there is laminate flooring. This type is the preferred option for homeowners who wish to experience wood or stone granude without breaking the bank This type is easy to clean since it requires minimal cleaning, will require less of care and is hardy so shows no signs of fading and stains over long periods.

The other type that is elegant and made from natural stone cuttings that are carefully placed together for amazing finishes are called stone flooring. They are suitable for outdoor and places of high temperatures like fireplaces due to their durability and ability to withstand high temperatures.

There is also linoleum flooring that involves cork dust, limestone, oil and flour mixed amazingly to form this environmentally safest flooring option. these floor types are tough against impacts or dents and are not damageable by oil and offer a soft comfortable feel.

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There are also the vinyl flooring types that consist of floors made from synthetic material, but adopt the rich deep elegance of wooden floors. The vinyl floor type is the easiest to apply and the cheapest means making them cost effective with great resistance to scratches and dents caused by impacts on their surfaces.

The wooden flooring is the next option and it is made up of oak, maple, and bamboo tree wood that is carefully made to create the flooring. This type of flooring is considered a classic option and with the proper care and great maintenance can be of service in long term. The cleaning of the floors is easy as it requires sweeping and occasional professional polishing to prevent and keep off illnesses that affect wood.

The final type of flooring is the tile flooring that involves the use of tiles that are arranged in beautiful patterns and in close proximity to provide amazing continuation on the floors. Heat resistance have made them ideal for fireplaces and the fact that they are shiny they may be able to maintain the same if they are properly taken care of.

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