How to Kickflip Like a Pro

Skateboarding – How To Kick Flip
Are you on the go for extreme sports? What about the adrenalin rush that will come into your veins every time you go for the hype? Well, if you love all these, then this article is for you.
Skateboarding is one of the famous extreme sports that most boys and men love doing. It might look so easy using the skateboard, doing stunts, kickflips and many more but in reality it is more than a board.
To give you an overview of what skateboarding is, well, it is the act of using a skateboard to perform certain tricks or simply riding on it. The rider is referred as “skater”. You might be familiar with the song of Avril Lavigne “Skaterboi”. For sure, you will now have an idea on how a skater is perceived by the public and how misconceptions destroy everything. But this has dramatically changed a lot with the introduction of extreme sports, and how competitions make a skater famous and the envy of many.
There are quite a lot of skateboarding tricks and techniques to name a few: ollie (off curb), caveman, ollie (downstairs), 360 ollie, ollie 180, 360 flip, powerslide, bert slide, boardslide, kickturns, pop shuvit, heelflip and many more.
Well, if you are on the verge of starting up your skateboarding career, you must learn one of the hardest techniques ever that is the kickflip. This is the most popular of all, and audience would always be amaze if someone does this trick smoothly. So are you ready to learn this very complicated skateboard technique? If yes, read further.
How to kickflip? You need to know how to do an ollie first. After which, you have to flick your skateboard with your feet and spin it while you up on the air. For a simple kickflip, the board should flip and spins once, and then lands on the ground smoothly, wheels on the ground and eventually you ride away. All these will have to happen in a matter of seconds. Before you know it, you have done a kickflip already. It is quite normal if you experience some bruises or failures in doing this famous trick. But hey, practice makes perfect!
It’s fascinating when you will bring along your skateboard out on the streets together with your buddies and start skateboarding. You can use the stairs but be very careful. To keep you protected and safe from incurring injuries or bruises when you do skateboarding, use helmet and knee pads.
Want to try extreme sports? Try skateboarding; take new heights into different levels. You will certainly love to be on top, on the air with your board, doing some tricks, impressing a lot of chicks and fellow skaters plus tagging the trophy when you win contests for skateboarding. Convert a simple hobby of skateboarding into something worthwhile. You can bond with your fellow skaters, be famous for winning competitions, and be involved with a sport that is extremely fun. All adrenalin rush!
Skateboarding – good, fun and extremely enjoyable for those who love adventure, the hype and cool stuff!