Outdoor Playgrounds – For Developing Children’s Natural Instincts

Outdoor Playgrounds – For Developing Children’s Natural Instincts

Outdoor playgrounds offer plenty of space for children to frolic in. They learn to compete and get along with other children. Playing fosters a sense of companionship among children. Playground equipment are available in various materials ranging from safety tested rubber to child friendly plastic.

Outdoor activities are often recommended by doctors for children. The main reason for this is outdoor activities help children become agile and develop their motor and sensory skills. Often cramped spaces in modern day homes make children uneasy and do not give them a sense of freedom to explore. However outdoor playgrounds are vast and offer a lot of space for children to have fun. These playgrounds also give children an opportunity to explore and develop natural instincts.

Outdoor playgrounds may either be developed into children’s parks or maintained as grounds. If developed into children’s park, outdoor playgrounds generally have slides, swings and other such equipment. These are generally preferred by young children. See-saws are also a common sight in playgrounds. Playing on these fosters a sense of companionship among children. Children learn to compete and get along with other children. Outdoor playgrounds may also be maintained only as grounds for children to play sports like hockey, volleyball or football. They may also be used by children for sprinting and honing their running skills.

Many modern day playgrounds equipment are available which make activities like sliding and swinging very attractive to children. These are available in various materials, ranging from safety tested rubber or rubber like material to child friendly plastic. Wood is also a popular choice of material for playground equipment, however wood tends to chip over time and is also prone to deterioration by insects. Also wood is harder to maintain in an outdoor environment.

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Modern day playground equipment are available in a variety of attractive colors which makes it very appealing to children. Also these equipment are made child friendly as opposed to old equipment made of iron, which would rust over time and would cause harm to children. Outdoor playgrounds also often have a track for bikes or wagons where children can ride.

Thus outdoor playgrounds are an important and inherent part of a child’s formative years. Though modern day cement structured buildings do deprive children of open spaces, it is an essential amenity for every planned construction. Outdoor playgrounds also help in increasing greenery in the neighborhood as the ground space can be used to plant and grow different trees. Such playgrounds also become home to numerous types of birds, which in turn could be a point of attraction for the children. Outdoor playgrounds must be well planned and should be modern to make it attractive for children and pull them away from their snazzy computer games.