School Is Out

School Is Out

At one time there were four brothers in the same situation. The brothers had individual talents that complemented each other. They learned that there was nothing they couldn’t do together. Can you imagine creating tree forts that go from tree to tree, connected at multiple levels? How about knotted swings allowing them to get from fort to fort? Swinging was everything to them. What imaginations these small boys had. The brothers took their love of fun into their adult lives and began designing things they wished they had when they were kids.

Now, how do parents fix the problem of boredom and the high energy levels of their children? By bringing the playground into the safety of their home. It’s a dream… just hang it up and swing! Swinging provides hours of indoor fun and children love to swing. Now they can swing in the safety of their home day or night, rain or shine.

Swinging provides much, much more than just fun. Children just need to know that it is fun, but parents need to know that their children learn about their bodies and the world around them through the use of their senses. Everything they do requires touch, smell, taste, sound, sight, balance and body awareness. The ability to efficiently process sensory information impacts all of our daily life activities. Every child processes information differently, therefore each child can have a different response to the same situation and or stimuli. Swinging has the ability to help children with attention, balance, behavior, social skills, fine motor and gross motor skills.

Swinging is also, very good for the exceptional needs child. To these children swinging is not just a want it is a need. Many children with special needs learn better while swinging. Swinging can develop the desire to explore and express their unique perspective of their world. Swinging benefits all children. Swinging is by choice a childs #1 play activity. Watch as they play and develop in ways you never thought possible.

Opportunities are fewer these days. As America has become more urban and less rural, children have fewer open spaces where they can roam and play. As well, many schools have removed swings and other playground equipment for fear of injury. Swinging is one of the things that brings lasting happiness to every child. Swinging is truly a joyous play. Get the kids moving and start making those lasting memories.