Situating Playground Sets Properly

Situating Playground Sets Properly

One thing that many people over look when buying playground sets is how and where they will be situated in the yard. It is very important to measure the span of your chosen location to make sure that you have enough room to put the set you have in mind. This is particularly true of wooden playsets. Although wooden playsets are preferable over other types they are also bulkier and larger. As many of them are put together in components with each “block” having a different feature like a slide, a fort, a net or a climbing wall, you have to be particularly meticulous about making sure that the space you have is large enough to accommodate it. Yet another thing to keep in mind is that you might want to add even more components to these wooden sets over time. This means that if you think you want to add a climbing wall to an existing swing and slide that when you situate the unit in your yard you must leave room for expansion.

It is not a good idea to situate your playground set beneath a tree as children that grow could bump their heads on branches. You should also watch out for back ending the unit up against a tree that could grow a huge trunk over the years. Wooden playsets also last for years and you do not want to compromise the growth of your tree or do an expensive move of the unit.

Playground sets with swings should have plenty of clearance on all sides. If there are two swings on the unit then make sure there is no fence or any other kind of obstacle that could get in the way of the swings highest potential to arc upwards. Also, most adults remember from being young once that the favorite thing for kids to do on a swing is swing as high as you can and then jump off. Make sure that your child has at least six feet in front of the swing to play like this and that he or she is not going to smack into the side of your house or into a pool or into the neighbour’s fence.

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Another important aspect of situation playground sets is line of view. Make sure that you place it in a way that you can view it from windows that you often look out of when you are in the house. This allows you to keep an eye in general on your children and their friends as they monkey around on playground sets in your backyard.