Machine Guns and a Camera Lens

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Torres del Paine | Chile (by Mac-nuel)


Torres del Paine | Chile (by Mac-nuel)

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Isis losing the fight for soul of Mosul after tide of death -


The Times
Jerome Starkey, in Baghdad

For some, it was the executions. For others, it was seeing young men flogged in public and old women harangued by teenage jihadists for infringements of the militants’ rules.

One man could not tolerate the destruction of historic tombs. Yet residents in Iraq’s second city, Mosul, said their main complaints with Islamic State were over shortages of food, money, medicine and electricity.

“Every five days, we get just one hour of electricity. Water, every three days. We get a just a small bit of water,” a labourer in the city’s northern suburbs said. “There’s a shortage of food, a lack of medicine. No one has been paid since June.” He added that he had seen a young man hit with sticks for “joking with a girl”.

Some people welcomed the militants from Islamic State (also known as Isis) when they advanced across Iraq in June, because they were tired of abuses by the Iraqi army. Residents in Mosul said that soldiers ran a kidnap racket, arresting young men for ransoms. Yet three months after the soldiers fled, patience with their replacements is wearing thin. (Read more…)