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How To Break A Hitting Slump Right Now – 42 Things To Tell Yourself At The Plate

Every day, I get calls from players, parents and coaches who want to break hitting slumps or to end hitting slumps quickly and efficiently.

The callers typically say things like, “My son is great in the cage, but he is terrible when the pressure is on and when is at the plate.”

“My kid has a great swing. He is mechanically perfect. He works with a top hitting coach. He looks different when he gets up to bat in a big game.”

“I was a great hitter in high school and in college. I have not been able to hit at all, since I started to play pro ball.”

Now, some hitting slumps are more complicated to break than are others. However, there is one thing that has helped lots of baseball players to end frustrating slumps. And that is adjusting what they are thinking or telling themselves when they prepare to hit during a game.

You can think of this idea as kind of mantra or a swing thought for baseball hitters. Hitters need to train their mind to be calm, focused, confident and relaxed. Telling a player to do this usually does not help them to end their slump.

Rather, they need to be trained to approach hitting somewhat differently. Part of this training involves examining and adjusting the hitter’s self-talk related to the art of hitting.

I encourage players to have either one swing thought or an empty mind when they get enter the batter’s box.

The right swing thought can help with focus, relaxation, confidence and actual performance. Some players need to change these swing thoughts from time to time to maintain a fresh and effective outlook about hitting.

Here are some examples of swing thoughts which players seem to find helpful:

I am going to hit it into the gap.

Gap it.

Rip it over second base.

Bat on the ball.

Hit it hard.

Watch the path of the ball.

See it. Hit it.

I’ve done this a million times.

I will trust my swing.

I am a.350 hitter.

Attack any ball in my zone.

I control the plate.


Turn on it

The ball goes where my hands send it.

The ball goes where I tell it to go.

It’s me the bat, the ball nothing else.

The bat is an extension of me.

The bat is my weapon.

Make great contact.

I love this game.

I love hitting.

Crush it.

Crush it now.

Still eyes, still head.

Swing 85 per cent. That will do it.

Easy does it.

See the ball.

Center of the plate.

This is fun.

I’m having fun up here.

Center of the plate fat part of the bat.

Bat meets ball.

It’s just like being in the cage.

Drive it.

Just hit it.…

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How To Pick The Right Playground Set For Young Children

How To Pick The Right Playground Set For Young Children

Are you looking for just the right Playground Set that will suit the age and activity level of your of your kids? Here are some 4 points to help in the selection:

# 1. What Equipment Do Your Children Choose at the Park Play Area?

If you want to know what type of Play Set your children will enjoy, take them to a few different parks and watch which equipment they gravitate to.

Do they like slides or swings? Do they prefer climbing apparatus; or do they prefer to crawl through the holes and crawl spaces. This will make your choice much easier as you understand their specific preferences.

Kids Playground Sets, Playhouses and Gym Sets vary greatly as do the interests of each child. I would suggest that you consider a multi-function Play Set being sure that the focus is on their primary interest apparatus.

# 2. Ask Other Parents and Friends:

Moms like to help other moms, so don’t hesitate to ask other mothers or friends if they have purchased a Play Set for their children and what they liked or didn’t like.

If friends have Play Equipment at their home, ask if you can let your children check it out to see how they enjoy it. Are your children only playing there for a few minutes then walk away, or do you have to pull them off the equipment to go home.

You’ll know their preferences by observing their play time on other children’s Playground Sets.

# 3. Consider The Manufacturer:

How long has the manufacturer been in business and have they had any complaints or recalls. This information can be found in Consumer Reports online.

You may also want to find out about their customer service policies by reading their policies or by contact them directly.

Most importantly you should be comfortable with the manufacturers’ reputation for safety and quality. This again can be found through Consumer Reports, as well as Customer Ratings.

# 4. Consider Customer Ratings and Comments:

When reading customer comments, look for overall satisfaction in the product. Many people will comment about how long it may take to put something together or there was a bracket missing etc. What you ultimately want to know is, were they happy with the product once it was installed and are their children happy with the equipment.

Good comments are helpful but the less than perfect comments give you some insight into the potential for issues.

Remember, a lot of buyers simply don’t leave comments so if you really want to be sure, check out the Consumer Reports and make sure you understand the manufacturers’ policies for return or assistance.

The last thing you want to do is order your Kids Playground Set; have it installed; then realize you’ve selected the wrong set for your children. Be sure to gather all your information ahead of time and make an informed choice.…

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Are Free Bets Just For New Customers?

Welcome bonuses and promotional codes are splattered all over advertising for online betting. They use these bonuses to get more people on gambling endeavours with their service. So what about the existing customers? Do they get rewards?
In many cases, free bets are provided specifically to new customers. This is based purely on bookmakers wanting to attract as many new punters as they can. Therefore they will provide a number of beneficial incentives to draw you in.
The most common of these schemes is matching the first cash bet or deposit that you make. Terms and conditions of the promotion suggest that this is only available to those making their very first settled bet.
However there have been offers made to both new and existing customers. For example, if you placed a A�10 bet with Skybet on the correct score of a football match, they gave you a free A�10 bet on a second game. But – there was still a promotional code that needed to be entered to qualify.
Unfortunately, you will find a lot of promotional code offers are exclusive to new bettors. In some cases they are occasionally extended to both sets of customer. However, it seems the main priority for bookies is to attract more users to the service. Yet some bookmakers do find alternative incentives for their loyal punters.
For example, Paddy Power sport a number of ‘money-back specials’. These offers are available to everyone on their service and can result in bettors being reunited with their stake.
You’ll receive your money back if your bet is in-keeping with certain criterion that was set out before the event started. Although it isn’t a guaranteed safety net, this scheme can prevent the loss of your wager.
Another interesting way for bookmakers to reward existing customers is through loyalty schemes. Victor Chandler offer a VIP programme with their online poker rooms. Upon registering with them, you are immediately entered onto the plan. If you continue to use their service, you will gradually move up the ranks.
Initially you earn inclusive points and tournament tokens. Eventually however, you receive rewards such as free sports bets, cash back bonuses and store discount. Schemes like this appear to be quite rare across competitive websites.
Perhapscatering for existing punters isn’t first and foremost for bookmakers. Nevertheless, there are some sites that will reward you, extending an arm of gratitude for your loyalty.…

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Which Playground Surface is Safest For Kids?

Which Playground Surface is Safest For Kids?

Wood mulch is a popular surface for playgrounds. It’s often under the swings and the jungle gym where kids play and where sometimes kids fall. Wood mulch is preferred over most and has been tested to be safe. Yet is it the safest option for kids?

Wood mulch, commonly referred to as Engineered Wood Fiber, is a certified product that meets all applicable guidelines, with certifications from the ASTM, CPSC and IPEMA. Wood mulch is tested to be safe. Yet it’s tested when it’s brand new, leveled to the perfect depth, unfrozen, and untouched. It may be safe in the lab–but children play on playgrounds, not in laboratories. What happens when mulch gets wet and compacted? What happens when that fresh, moist, mulch dries out after being in the sun? It may no longer meet the safety standards.

Some of the mulch that is being marketed as playground surfacing is the same product used to mulch gardens. The wood fiber surfaces may come from recycled wood material. The problem is, wood pallets are made from treated wood which has proven to be toxic. It could contain nails and staples that got mixed into the shredded mulch. Still, wood mulch is one of the most widely-used ‘safety’ surfaces in the US.

The websites of the largest wood mulch manufacturers in the US are revealing. They have a long list of disclaimers.

Some direct quotes: According to , “During freezing conditions, all of our playground surfaces will naturally be less resilient, particularly with poor drainage. Restrict use of the area accordingly.”

states: “Should there be moisture retention in the Fibar System, it will freeze when the temperature drops below the freezing mark. Please check your surface frequently in winter weather. When the surface is frozen, the impact attenuation properties of Fibar are lost and for this reason, the play area should not be used.”

They suggest playgrounds be shut down for months on end? Children do not refrain from using the playground in cold weather.

One would think that in wood mulch would be safe in the heat of summer. But wood mulch was found to be hazardous in the dry summer season as well. The manufacturers state that “during a dry season, it may be necessary to wet the surface of the wood fiber with water in order to ensure sufficient moisture content to resist flammability.”

explains that spontaneous combustion of mulch is not a mystery; it is the natural result of chemical reactions within organic materials. A CBS news article reported about a playground at a school in Arlington, Texas that spontaneously combusted due to smoldering wood mulch.

Luckily no children were playing on the playground. One could always choose to apply a fire retardant but then it’s no longer a natural, chemical-free alternative.

Wood mulch is simply not appropriate for outdoor use–by the manufacturers’ own admission.

, a leading wood mulch manufacturer’s site, reveals that “Nuisance molds are not uncommon in wood fiber and wood mulch products. Despite the research that has already been conducted, a surefire solution to prevent visible fungus structures from forming has not been found yet. When the wood is wet, bacteria rapidly colonizes and the fungi feed on this bacteria which may lead to slime molds, mushrooms, etc. Short term solutions are to scoop out and dispose of the fungus.”

A safer playground surface to consider is rubber. It comes in solid, poured rubber, loose fill, and rubber mulch type. It makes playgrounds soft and cushiony–as a playground should feel.

Rubber is the safest way to go, according to research by the EPA supports this assertion. Rubber surfaces have been proven, even in laboratory tests to have the highest shock absorbency level of any surfacing material.

Rubber surfaces don’t freeze and harden. They don’t retain dangerous heat levels in the summer. They are heavier than wood mulch, and resist displacement. They never degrade or decompose. They don’t attract bacteria, and they don’t retain slippery moisture. No disclaimers.

Most often rubber surfaces are made of 100% recycled rubber, saving hundreds of tons’ worth of rubber from ending up in the landfills. The safest option for children is also the most environmentally responsible one. The Obama family chose a recycled rubber product for the playground at the White House–a fitting testimonial to the green era in which we live.

In years past, playgrounds were often set directly into the concrete. That caused hundreds of thousands of serious injuries. Today most playgrounds have some sort of safety surfacing. Still, over 500 kids end up in the emergency room every single day as a result of playground injuries.

We can do better. We have better options. It’s time to move forward towards a safer play environment that rubber can provide.

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Hypalon Inflatable Boat

Hypalon is mainly known for an exterior coating for Inflatable boats, as Hypalon can defy extreme temperature, corrosion, UV degradation, gasoline, chemicals and environmental contingencies. Hypalon Inflatable boats are either overlapped or butted, and then glued. Butted layers produce an aesthetic, flat, airtight seam, without the ridge or air gaps left by some overlapped seams. It is always smart to look for an inflatable boat accompanied by seams that are double-taped, and are glued on the both edges. In pressure tests, Hypalon and neoprene glued seams are so strong and trustworthy that the fabric will fail in front the seams. Hypalon Inflatable boat is the most reliable and durable inflatable boat fabric ready for use and can last for more than a decade even in the roughest environments -which is the reason for warranties of five as well as 10 years.
Since Hypalon-coated boats are highly resistant to environmental caustics, they are advocated for use in severe climates, for boaters who plan on leaving their boats inflated, or for those who plan on using them frequently. Inflatable with exterior protective coatings of Hypalon have been chosen for the harshest duty by the U.S. Military and Coast Guard.
Hypalon Inflatable Boat Design
There are many designs and types of Hypalon inflatable available in the marketplace today. From rigid to roll-up floorboards, hard transoms to be soft-Hypalon inflatable’s come in just about every composite you can visualize.
Dinghies are smaller, slighter boats with elastic transoms that can be used with oars, a paddle, or in spite of a low horsepower motor if motor mounts are used.
Sport Boats
Sport boats are Hypalon inflatable boats with a firm transom, and a special floor made of wood, fiberglass, composite, or aluminum. They also have inflatable or wood bases.
These vessels have a hard transom that can be rolled up with the floor leftover in the boat. The floor can be manufactured from any material. The boats execute very well, almost identically to customary sport boats.
For more details & information please contact me.…

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A Good Sports Bra is Good For Your Back and Your Breasts

You’ve probably heard that you should wear a good bra but do you know how important it is when it comes to you exercising and working out? If you want to keep yourself in good shape, part of this will require getting the right bra. A good sports bra will help you in more ways than you imagine. The right sports bra is good for your back and for your breasts.
The right sports bra can prevent saggy or dropping breasts and it can help prevent back pain and other damage caused by the motions of exercising. Whether you are going for a jog, working out in the gym or playing your favorite sport, you need to be sure you have the right sports bra for the occasion.
To understand why a good bra will help you, it’s important to know something about your body. Your breasts do not contain anything to support themselves naturally. Even if you work out and build chest muscle, there is little in the way of support for the breasts which are made up of mostly fatty tissues. There is something called Cooper’s Ligaments which helps you naturally support your breasts and also the skin which will stretch over time. So you need something additional to help you support your breasts.
Exercising without the proper support can cause pain, especially with larger breasts that move around during exercise. A sport bra is made to support the breasts, fit snugly and not allow for movement of the breasts while running or exercising. This prevents one thing that most women dread- sagging breasts. It also prevents pain that can come after exercising and stretching of the skin. Breasts that are not properly supported, especially larger breasts, have been known to cause back and neck problems as well.
Any type of bra will give you more support than none at all but if you want maximum support, you want a sport bra designed for use in exercise and activity and you want to be sure it is in the proper size for you. An incorrectly sized bra can cause discomfort. Sports bras as specifically designed to be more supportive, more absorbent and are usually created with breathable, stretchable fabric.
They help reduce irritation by pulling sweat away from the body. A good sports bra will have cups to support the breasts and prevent movement from side to side. This also prevents the dreaded uni-breast effect that comes from cheap sport bra that squishes both breasts together in the middle.
A good sports bra will also have wide, non-elastic straps and any fasteners will be coated or covered to prevent running against the skin or body. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to suit your needs. When you choose the right sports bra, you are doing your body and your breasts a big favor.…

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Beef Up Your Team Or Business With Sports Shaped Stress Balls

Promotional sports balls have emerged as one of the most popular tools for building up a brand. Their appeal lies on the fact that they are more affordable compared to the traditional modes of advertising. Giving out sports shaped stress balls brings out the fun in promoting your business or team to the industry. They can ensure continuous promotions for your business because the customer will most likely use the merchandise during stressful conditions.
Sports shaped stress balls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular types of balls are from various sports such as soccer, rugby, cricket, football, baseball, among others. Balls have even been patterned after popular sports figures, such as coaches or referees. According to a 2009 survey, American football has emerged as the most popular shape of stress ball.
When considering sports shaped stress balls, you need to make sure that it will be compatible to what your team or business represent. If your squad is playing football, then choose a shape or design that is associated with the sport. In the choice of color, it should not be dominant to your team logo. They are not only ideal to give out during sporting events but also excellent corporate gifts.
Sports balls can ensure continuous promotions for your business because whenever your customer uses them to cheer for their favorites, your business will surely be promoted. There are different varieties of sports balls available at your disposal so you can choose the one that suits your budget. Chocolate sports balls can make watching a sporting event more enjoyable and sweet.
Sports balls are more affordable than billboards or newspaper advertisements. For optimum results, you can order them in bulk. This will free you from having to worry about what item to give out on your next campaign. However, provide at least four weeks for your order so provide ample time for the production and delivery with the date of your event.
Finding the most appropriate stress balls for your business is easy with the proliferation of so many promotional products suppliers. It will always be best to shop around and compare various offers before settling with one supplier. Feel free to ask for a sample to help you make a sound decision. This is one way of checking the quality of the products of the supplier.
Despite the minimal investment, promotional sports balls can deliver optimum results for your business. You could be enjoying the benefits sooner than expected. Market with sports balls and make a difference in your industry.…