Becoming an Empowered Woman While Also Becoming Irresistible to Men

A woman who wants to become more powerful while also being able to have a truly fulfilling relationship with a man may worry that these two goals conflict at a fundamental level. Although many barriers for women’s success have been broken, significant glass ceilings still remain. A woman seeking to learn how to integrate the desire for empowerment with the ability to build a fantastic romantic relationship might want to read information like that provided by Giordana Toccaceli on

Questions of Concern

Do men want to marry women who are surgeons, engineers or architects? Even with the strides made for female workers in high-paying careers, a very large percentage of workers in these fields are male. Do women shy away from these occupations partly because they feel the work is too masculine? Do they feel that achieving success in a so-called man’s world is too difficult? Do they notice they are less attractive to men when they begin pursuing education for these careers?

It’s Entirely Possible

It is entirely possible and even probable for women to be irresistible to men when they are earning substantial amounts of money and enjoying fame and fortune. One only need look at female rock stars and athletes who receive numerous marriage proposals and never have to be without a male romantic companion if they don’t want to be.

And it’s not crucial to be gorgeous or have an ideal figure, either. Everyone can name numerous women who just seem to have that inner magnetism and impressive charisma. Such a woman’s confidence does not intimidate men; instead, it makes men feel they are of the highest value to be in her inner circle.

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Finding Guidance

Programs like the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute guide women along this path and provide continuous support from the community through social media. In addition to the chance to participate in workshops and personalized coaching, free information is offered through audio interviews with the coach that can be found on a variety of websites. Women can cultivate a broad range of self-improvement possibilities, such as pursuing creative activity, building courage and becoming more self-aware.