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Things Parents Should Never Say to Athletes

In my many years of teaching baseball and softball, coaching and parenting, I have noticed that parents often put pressure on kids without even realizing that is what they are doing. This pressure leads to tension between parents and their sports playing kids that may never go away. Parents feel like they are just trying to help their kids but the kids are getting a different message.
Of course, it is important to realize that small amounts of tension between parents and kids are unavoidable because of the various emotions that playing youth sports creates for all. Occasional tension, frustration and failure to meet expectations is normal and does not threaten long-term relationships. However, parents often overdo their scrutiny of their child’s play and stain their relationship with their kids.
Following are things parents should observe that will help them to know if they are putting excessive pressure on their kids.
1. Kids get mad every time you say something about their play.
2. Kids will not practice with parent or always leaves practice mad at their parent.
3. Kids are constantly looking to parent when they do something good or bad on the field.
4. Kids seem to perform better when parent is not at game.
Additionally, some parental statements seem pretty innocuous on the surface but eventually they create tension and resentment. At the very least, these statements and questions can take the fun out of play for kids. (Listed from bad to worse)
1. Why did you do that?
2. What were you thinking out there?
3. Why didn’t you do what I told you to do?
4. When I was your age, I could already do
5. You have to practice more
6. Look at me when I talk to you
7. I thought you wanted to play
8. That was embarrassing
9. You will never get anywhere doing that
10. Do what I tell you and not what your coach tells you to do
11. I am not paying for you to play if that is how you are going to play
12. Forget it; I am not coming to your games anymore
Once again, some of these may seem like legitimate questions but the emotional way they are said or asked, automatically create tension in kids. The good news is that positive parents, who avoid using these statements, will eliminate unnecessary tension with their kids.…

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Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths to Become More Successful and Happier

Tom Dempsey was born with a partial right arm, and only half a right foot. To most, that would have ruled out a life in football, but Tom had a different belief system.
He developed a custom kicking shoe that fit his disfigured foot, with a flat toe about three inches in diameter. With hard work, Tom mastered the technique of his special equipment. He would swing his leg and drive the ball like a polo player using a mallet, propelling a football long distances.
Unbelievably, Tom made it to the NFL and landed a job as kicker for a new team, the New Orleans Saints. The Saints were finishing up a dismal season. With only one win to date, they were playing a much better team, the Detroit Lions. With just two seconds remaining on the clock, Tom Dempsey had a chance to kick the game winning field goal. But, there was much more than just the game on the line: history was at stake. Dempsey hit a 63 yard field goal through the uprights-the longest field goal ever, propelling the Saints to a 19-17 victory. That kick was a defining moment in his life. Using his special strength, Dempsey became an inspiration to millions on that day in 1970.
All true winners have learned to turn an apparent weakness into a strength. David Meador is a champion in his own right; David won the U.S blind golf championship. But that is not what makes him special-David has learned to turn his blindness into a platform for his professional speaking business. David speaks around the country about focus-yes focus. He shares with his audiences that blindness has allowed him to remain focused on the important aspects of life. His blindness does not allow him to be distracted by television, YouTube or text messaging, aspects of everyday life that can deter many of us from achieving our potential. As David puts it, he is the only guy in America who can walk into Home Depot and not be distracted by anything on the shelves. David’s blindness is his strength. In fact, his message is so powerful that he usually receives a standing ovation; David’s apparent weakness is his most poignant ally.
Voltaire likened life to a game of cards. Each player must accept the cards dealt to him. But once those cards are in hand, he alone decides how to play them to win the game. Tom Dempsey and David Meador took their cards and played a great hand. What cards have you been dealt?
Drill: Playing your cards
Most people run away from their weaknesses, or just deny their existence. Sometimes it is too painful to acknowledge them or just too energy draining to work on them in our high paced lifestyle. What is not realized is that many of our weaknesses can become a great strength–it all depends on our perspective.
President Andrew Jackson turned an apparent weakness of having an overly hot-temper into a negotiating strength. Andrew Jackson’s hot-temper did cause him much trouble-he carried two bullets in his body from duels and gun fights. He even once threatened to kill his own vice-president. But he used his hot temper to his advantage during a banking crisis in his presidency. A group of bankers came to him asking for economic relief from the government. He thought their pleas were unjustified and acted out with such fury that they disregarded their proposal. Once they left, his fury subsided and so did the issue.
Perhaps you can use your fiery temper as an occasional negotiating tool.
Or, on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum, you are a bit timid and non-assertive. Many might see those traits as weaknesses in the world of selling. But, it is a matter of perspective. Being timid and non-assertive can greatly act to your advantage, if you let it. Those traits can be seen as the soft sell approach. Many individuals would prefer to buy from someone who is less assertive than overly domineering.
List 5 of your apparent weaknesses. For each, describe how they can be turned into your advantage.
1. How to use it as an advantage:
2. How to use it as an advantage:
3. How to use it as an advantage:
4. How to use it as an advantage:
5. How to use it as an advantage:…

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Tips For Picking the Right Golf Driver For Your Game

One of the most frustrating aspects of golf is the idea that you can shave off a few unneeded strokes, but you don’t know how. Sometimes, you can take a look at your driver; the driver is crucial in setting up each hole. Here are some tips for picking the right golf driver for your game.
1. The club head – The best club head size for your game is determined in your decision in the balance between control and the size of the “sweet spot”, which is the area that provides the best hit in a shot. The smaller sizes range from 150 to 155 cubic centimeters and are considered standard; they provide the most control but have a smaller sweet spot. Midsized club heads are about 195 cubic centimeters and are moderate in both control and sweet spot size. Oversized heads are any ones larger than midsized. They give the largest sweet spot, but are harder to control, partly because of the sheer weight.
2. The shaft – Choosing a shaft is a two-step process. First, you must decide between graphite and steel shafts. Then, you must choose a flex level. The decision between materials relies on your experience and end goals. Steel shafts are strong, durable, and offer control; however, you must be strong in order to produce the same distance that graphite does. Overall, stronger players should use steel shafts if control isn’t quite up to par. Graphite shafts are versatile but expensive. They are less durable and offer less control, but require less strength.
Flex, as the name implies, is the flexibility of the shaft. There are five basic levels of flex in golf: L for Ladies, A for Seniors, Regular, Stiff, and Extra Stiff. Flexible shafts provide more power, which is a great aspect for beginning players as well as those with weaker swings. However, as shafts become less and less flexible, there is more control available. This is why stronger players should drift towards the Stiff and Extra Stiff flex levels; that is, if you have a 90-110 MPH swing, try out the stiffer two levels. Average swings are around 75-90 MPH, and players with those swings should stick with the regular level for now.
3. The weight and length – Obviously, the basic characteristics of weight and length should be considered. Basically, lighter clubs give faster swing speeds and farther hits. This translates into a simple concept: Players with stronger swings choose heavier clubs for more control. Lighter drivers work better for those without stronger swings.
The length of the driver is another decision in the balance between control and distance. Drivers with a length of 43 to 44 inches are considered traditional. Drivers 45 to 46 inches long can give a slightly longer distance. Any longer than 46 inches poses the opportunity to have a greatly increased potential for distance as well as a greatly decreased range of control.
Many of the aspects that must be considered depend on your swing and willingness to sacrifice control for other benefits. These are your tips for picking the right golf driver for your game.…

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Something For Aspiring Bodybuilders

WHO among us men would not want to have a body similar or at least close to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charles Atlas and Lou Ferrigno,? These men, famous at that, are already legends insofar as bodybuilding is concerned.
Admittedly, these musclemen have lured many other male species to consider bodybuilding. These aspiring men have varied reasons, purposes or agenda as to why they are seriously considering to spend long hours inside a gym lifting weights and sweating some physical routines designed to help shape up and tone one’s frame.
Some are into bodybuilding just to stay fit. Some would think having a body at least close to what Arnold Schwarzenegger has, would attract more women. Some would want to build confidence.
What you should know
Regardless of one’s agenda as to why go into bodybuilding, getting into this discipline requires one to know a lot of things before jumping into it. The most important thing perhaps that an aspiring bodybuilder has to know is that this activity actually requires a lot of discipline and consistency — just like in any other sports. Discipline and consistency is required not just inside the gym. There is actually a higher requirement for that outside the gym.
Managing your time
Working out inside the gym only when your “busy” schedule allows you may not do wonders. On the contrary, it may in fact be a waste of time.
Even before you get yourself some gym jersey, there is a need for an aspirant to go over his daily schedule and have it organized in a manner that there would always be ample time allotted just for the bodybuilding work-out.
It is a must for one to organize a daily schedule that would include few hours inside the gym, lifting weights and doing other bodybuilding routines with the help of the instructors of course. Failure to squeeze in regular daily work-out schedules is a NO-NO.
Watching your diet
Another must-know for aspiring bodybuilders is the aspect of nutrition. Unless proper diet and nutrition programs are observed, there is just no guarantee that you’d get what you have been yearning for, no matter how much you sweat lifting weights and perspire over gym routines designed for bodybuilders,
There are diet and nutritional programs that are universally accepted and proven to be effective for people doing regular workouts. Generally, the idea of an effective bodybuilding work-out program is to take exercises designed to help shape up and tone one’s body and to eat food stuffs less in carbohydrates, fats and sweets.
Proper program, right instructor
To make the venture a step closer into what one has been yearning for (Schwarzenegger-look), it is also a must that we take the proper workout program and guided by the right people.
It is not advisable that we just step into the gym and start lifting weights. Lifting heavy weights for a start could even spell disaster. There is a training program just for bodybuilders. Aspiring bodybuilders are required to start on the basics. These basics include lifting not so heavy dumbbells or barbells in the early stage.
For one’s safety and results, it is also a must that we are guided by the right people — trainers and instructors who are knowledgeable on the proper workouts, especially for beginners and aspiring bodybuilders. GP…

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Find Out the Best Massage Courses

Massaging as a form of therapy generally implies the manipulation of the superficial muscular layer to enhance the function of the muscle and treat various muscular problems. The health care industry is finding more openings for people who are qualified in Physical Therapy courses. These physical therapy courses are beneficial for those who wish to pursue the subject professionally.
The growing popularity of Massage Courses
The availability of a person duly qualified in massage techniques is rare. There is tremendous scope for success in this field. If you have an interest in pain and injury treatment, courses like the National Qualification Certificate are easily available. A qualified person with knowledge of physiology or even an unqualified person may pursue this course. If you are a nurse, a physiotherapist or a massage therapist, these courses can prove to be very helpful in getting you a recognized certificate. You may work either in a private practice, sporting teams or injury clinics. These massage courses will enable you to work as a qualified therapist and offer treatment for soft tissue or muscular pain or injury.
Receiving Physical Therapist Training and its benefits
There are many courses which are available in terms of physical therapy. These help in developing the skill of the person even further. There are two levels of course which are typically present in this arena. These include certificate courses and higher diplomas which are offered by some institutes. With the help of these, one can get physical therapist training. The qualification which you will get after the completion of this course is that of a Neuromuscular physical therapist. The possession of a higher diploma will get you recognized as an advanced practitioner in the field. This training as a physical therapist training is extremely important for practising as an Orthopedic Specialist, Chartered physiotherapist and a sports medicine practitioner.
Future after pursuing Sports Massage Courses
As sports are gaining prominence in the worldwide arena, the need for qualified sports massage experts is increasing. Most teams and individual players require some form of therapy to obtain relief from their sport related injuries or pain. Here the role of a sports massage expert becomes important. If you wish to go into this, there are many sports massage courses which you may be able to pursue. These courses are available with most leading training centres.
Pilates Courses, Pilates training and Pilates Teacher Training
Pilates has made its way into most popular workout regimes. It is growing popular and is being practised by many people in the same way as yoga or even aerobics. Pilates courses Dublin offers you the opportunity to possess a professional qualification as a Pilates instructor. The basics of the courses include Pilates training which equip you with the appropriate skills and knowledge which are required. If you want to become a personal trainer or a fitness instructor, courses for Pilates teacher training are good options to get started.
Physical therapy and fitness training are the emerging fields in the healthcare industry. These are good career options if you plan to become a qualified physical therapist or an instructor.…

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What Makes a Great Trophy?

For those of you who still think that trophies are things handed out to kids at the end of football season, think again. Whilst trophies have never been out of favour when it comes to children’s sports you might be surprised to learn that they are highly prized by adults too and not just in the sports arena.
These days corporate events are being built around trophy presentations and these events are used not simply to present awards but to highlight corporate endorsements. It’s a well-known fact that companies compete to sponsor large scale, well-publicised events such as the Brownlow medal, but it is becoming increasingly common for even small businesses to get involved in their local communities by sponsoring local events, and what better way to do this then with the presentation of a trophy?
There is no doubt that corporate sponsorship is a very effective method of reaching a target audience or, on a broader scale, establishing a brand name.
While many companies simply dream about having their business or product name become a household phrase, many do not realise that this may not be as difficult as it seems. When you think about it, every well-known trophy in the land had to start somewhere and although well-known sporting personalities have tended to dominate, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that a local business could establish itself as a household name simply by sponsoring a popular local event.
This need not be limited to local sporting clubs but can stretch much further afield into things like cultural events, locality awards for community service, or hosting a park event were trophies can be presented for achievements in a wide variety of fields. Great trophies have emerged out of great sporting performances but there is no reason why this cannot be repeated at a local, community level.
We all know the value of trophies when we witness the reactions of our children when they are fortunate enough to win something. Just about every business in the land also rewards their best performing staff with a trophy or some form of perpetual recognition. This stems from the long held belief that all human beings cherish the recognition of their peers and will seek this by delivering a performance that is needed to achieve the esteemed result.
Smaller businesses would do well to emulate the actions of large corporations in this respect especially when you consider that if they have a good name in their local community, their business success is similarly assured. No amount of media advertising can equal the free publicity that stems from being associated with their local communities in a positive way.
It is far cheaper and far more rewarding to endorse a number of trophies which can be awarded to local heroes or champions in any field, not just sport. Schools are a prime example especially when you consider that children are rewarded not only for their sporting achievements but also for community service and leadership. Local businesses could not ask for a better opportunity than to sponsor trophies at their local school.…

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What To Consider When Booking A Golf Holiday

What better way is there of amalgamating two of you favorite distractions than a golfing holiday. Of all the hobbies there are, golf is generally considered one that requires less physical effort than most and this, along with the serenity of modern golf courses in the sun creates a perfect mix of fun and relaxation.
Before you sign up to any package golfing holidays or special promotions in the newspaper, there are a few factors that you need to consider. These points have been detailed below to help you arrange your golf holiday.
Budget – Ultimately, your budget will dictate most aspects of your holiday so determining exactly how much you would like to pay out on travel, accommodation, food, and all other sundry items is your first task. Golf resorts vary rather dramatically in price, so it will help you to look through any local or national magazines and newspapers for any special promotions or offers from travel agents that can cut down your costs and hopefully get more from your money.
Location – The location of your golfing holiday is another vital point that you need to fully research before you make any decisions. First of all, decide on the country; America has some of the most popular professional golf courses in the world and most are kept to a very high standard, though prices reflect this; Scotland in the British Isles also has some world-class courses but the weather can be a down point; Thailand is becoming increasingly more popular due to the large number of high class resorts and fantastic weather, also due to the economy, it is a reasonably priced option too. Though all this depends on whether you want a full-on golf resort with no distractions, or you want an area that can offer other activities.
So, you know your budget, and you have an idea of your ideal holiday destination; you should now begin making a short-list of all the resorts and areas that can offer the correct blend of amenities, facilities, accommodation and price to suit you and your party’s needs. Next, pick up the phone and talk directly to each resort to get information regarding exactly what is supplied in the package deals they offer as knowing exactly what you get for your money will prevent any money problems that could arise during the holiday.
In summary, it pays to do your homework. If you are not going alone, you need to discuss with your party exactly what you want from your golfing holiday and whether you would prefer access to other activities. Once everything is organized properly, you can just relax and concentrate on improving your putting skills.…