6 Winning Reasons Why You Should Choose Live Betting

Live betting is becoming increasingly popular these days and if you have ever tried it, you will know what we are talking about. For those of you who are yet to enter the live betting market, here are some tips that should help you get the gist of it.
1.) Better use of your sports expertise
Can you remember how many times have you backed one team before the match started and then regretted it after watching just a couple of minutes of the match in question? You probably expected the game to go in one direction but it went to the other from the very start and there was nothing you can do about it. Well, if you are betting on a game in play, you can wait for the game to start, see how it unfolds and then make a bet.
It is definitely lot safer this way and it will save you a lot of cash for making wrong predictions before seeing the teams in action. This way, your expertise on the sport you are betting on will be much more helpful than with pre-match betting and that should translate to bigger profits.
2.) Bigger profits
For bettors who like to back the favorites, in play betting is the right way to go as it will give them the chance to make bigger profits due to higher prices. As far as football (soccer) is concerned, the odds on favorites will increase only after some 10 or 15 minutes from the start, obviously if they do not score, so this is hardly worth the wait.
If you are looking to get the sharpest odds, then tennis matches should be your thing as the odds on favorites increase significantly even when they lose just one game, and it doesn’t even have to be on their serve. The odds change even with every point, so by watching the game closely, you stand to earn much more money than with pre-match betting.
3.) The bets will be settled within minutes
Sports bettors are hardly a patient bunch of people and they usually don’t like to wait too much before collecting their hard earned money. For those who fall into this category, in play betting offers a great solution. Rather than waiting for 90 minutes or even more to see if your bet is a winning one, you can just bet on a tennis player to win the next game, or on a basketball team to win the first quarter, and the bet will be settled within minutes.
With in play betting there are so many markets to choose from and just few of those take more than half an hour to be settled. As we have already mentioned, for those extremely impatient ones, tennis is the best way to go.
4.) Secure your winnings
There probably isn’t a bettor on the planet that hasn’t lost a bet due to the late goal and a lot of betting enthusiasts see this happening too often to them. This is another reason why in play betting is the name of the game. If you place a big bet on one of the teams and they manage to take the lead, you basically have two options.
The first one is to do nothing and spend the remainder of the game worrying whether they will conceded or not, and the other one is to place a small bet on draw (or even smaller on the other team), so that you can expect some kind of profit regardless of how the game ends. The odds on the team that concede a goal obviously increase a great deal and you, therefore, have the chance to secure your winnings.
5.) The possibility of betting after watching a part of the game
The golden rule of online betting is to only bet on sports you follow and this goes without saying for in play market. One big advantage over the pre-match betting is the fact that you can watch the game live, see how the teams are playing and then make your decision who to back.
Ten minutes will be more than enough for the real connoisseur of a sport to anticipate how the match is set to unfold, while you can also make decisions in the latter stages of the match, when one of the teams already have a lead. It is not too difficult to see if a team that have a two-goal advantage want to hammer their opponents or are just looking to guard the lead, and then act accordingly.
6.) Check the starting line-ups and teams’ style of play
When betting on those major leagues’ matches, you can see teams’ starting line-ups some half an hour before the match, but things get tricky with the minor leagues’ games as you will have to wait for the game to start in order to get the needed info. Live betting really come in handy even when knowing the exact starting line-up, you cannot really be sure what approach a team will adopt before the game starts and it is always a good thing to have a chance of seeing a team in action before deciding whether to back them or not.