Exploring the Health Benefits of Outdoor Play

Exploring the Health Benefits of Outdoor Play

When warmer weather approaches, it is not uncommon for many families to develop a sense of cabin fever. Depending on your location, some children have spent months cooped up in the house due to unfavorable weather conditions. This can cause children to become lazy and will trigger more snacking. Studies have shown that the percent of children that are over weight is on the rise. It is important to get our kids outdoors so that they can relieve some pent-up energy. By getting the children outdoors, not only will it give over stressed parents a needed break, but also has positive health benefits for the child.

It has been reported that children that are able to have ample amounts of time out doors have less stress then those who remain indoors. The action of running and jumping is said to be a natural release for stress. Children that have regular amounts of outdoor play also seem to be able to focus better on their studies and can interact with their peers on a healthier level. The challenge, however is finding a way to encourage kids to get out doors. Outdoor playground sets may be the answer. A child will be more than happy to play on their own playground set, and will spend countless hours in imaginative play.

While children are outdoors, they are absorbing healthy amounts of vitamin D. Some may worry that exposure to the suns rays may cause more harm than good, but with common sense and protection, they can play outdoors without worry.

Kids playsets can help with vision development also. It has been suggested that children that spend more time indoors may have poorer vision then those with regular amounts of outdoor play. Outdoor playground sets allow children to get the natural light needed to help develop young eyes, and also help to cause a child to focus on their surroundings. The eyes will receive exercise as well when kids focus on something that has caught their attention at a distance, as being outdoors is visually stimulating.

The eyes of the child aren’t the only thing that benefits from the use of kids playsets, muscles and bones get a work out as well. Running and jumping is the best way for children to build leg and torso muscles, while the use of rock walls, ladders and swings will develop arm and torso muscles. As the child explores they are also learning depth perception, balance and agility as well. As you can see there is more than one benefit to getting the kids out of the house, not only is it relaxing, it’s a body building experience.