Backyard Safety

Backyard Safety

When you buy outdoor toy for kids, it not only helps children with motor coordination and healthy growth but also it involves safety. And it is not easy to choose the right toy for children as it has been crowded market place, which you can feel when you go through toy shelves of stores. For the backyard and public playground, so many wood and metal made outdoor toys have come a long way to support kids’ growth for many generations. To create a safety playground as much as it is enjoyable, following suggestions are listed:

Choose the right toy for kids

Kids play with the right toys for their age can be motivated and encouraged to learn new world around them and achieve better physical, imaginative and cognitive skills. For example, with proper safety gear, kid of 1year old can swing on the swing set under parents’ help and supervision. And in this way, kids are experiencing benefits of swing motions and want more. When kids turn to be 3, kids are full of swing sets which can attach other outdoor toys including climbing wall, sand box and fort.

Correct installed

Set up the outdoor equipments following the manufacture’s instruction. Hire professional to assemble the toy if you have difficulty to do with it. And creation safety zone which is the space surrounding equipment to prevent potential injuries from fences, trees, sheds and posts. At last make a shock absorbing protective surface under playground equipments.

Protect surface materiall

The reason that put this separately is that there are large amount of injuries which are caused by falling to unprotect surface underneath the outdoor equipments. There are number of options of playground surface materials range in cost from affordable to expensive. The most common materials are wood chips, play sand and recycled rubber mulch. It is necessary to choose protect surface materials base on your budget and yard conditions.


Always keep eyes on kids playing with outdoor toys. Before hop on the toys, it is good idea that going through safety suggestions on manufacture’s instruction with kids. If children are not effectively supervised and guided, they are at risk of injury even in the safest of playgrounds.