Cover Playgrounds With Effective Rubber Mulch

Cover Playgrounds With Effective Rubber Mulch

A playground is a place where children develop various physical and social skills. They learn to converse with other children and even adults. But the question that arises here is, will they be always safe where they play? Well, playground rubber mulch can actually solve their worries.

All parents are worried about their children’s safety regarding the playground on which they play and spend their fun time. We all know that small kids love jumping up and down, running around and climbing and rolling on the ground. One cannot make a kid resist from doing these things as it is very natural that when kids get together on a play ground, they will feel like home and they will create a blast. Their blast includes their small and innocent activities and all of these things seem to make playing itself unsafe because of the usually hard flooring of playgrounds that cause a strain on the kids and even pose the risk of head traumas.

Now the question arises, what is playground rubber and what does it help in?

Well, to eliminate all the worries of parents about their children’s safety, playground mulch has been introduced in the market. It is the most advanced trend among playground safety methods today. It is made of 100% rubber tires that have been ground to shape. This mulch is also made for reducing solid waste. It is a very good innovation that seeks to provide a useful alternative for disposing used tires by making child-friendlier playgrounds. Since today, 90% of the playgrounds are found to be unsafe due to loose equipment parts and hard surfaces which are risky for children; it minimizes injuries and the danger of choking.

Proceeding with the benefits, playground rubber mulch is inexpensive and it can be bought by private homeowners also, who want to have their private playgrounds built in their personal backyards. Children love playing over it as it comes in very attractive colors and designs that are created from the mulch. It is also, non – toxic, non-staining, low maintenance, non-abrasive and is completely compatible with all weather conditions due to the elasticity that it has.

One should know the following benefits of playground rubber mulch if and when he thinks of buying rubber mulch:

* Benefits to the gardener – Rubber mulch prevents the growth of weeds and spread of pests in areas where it is spread. It does not decay or get easily carried away by wind, rain, etc.

* Environmental benefits – The invention of rubber mulch paved the way for the reuse of old tires which would otherwise have caused serious environmental and health issues.

* Advantages to other mulches – Organic mulches like wood shavings, pine needles, etc decompose rapidly leaving nasty scents. Once decayed, these materials tend to block drainage of water, thereby creating a muddy atmosphere. Playground rubber mulch allows easy drainage of water. It also prevents evaporation of subsoil moisture and loss of nutrients.

* Variants – The colored one is a variant of the monotonous rubber mulch which adds color to landscapes. It adds value to the house gardens and parks.

If one has to buy playground rubber mulch for his personal park or for a general playground, then he should opt for the best dealers, who provide high quality rubber mulch where one finds that he is getting his money’s worth and a quality product as well.