How To Pick The Right Playground Set For Young Children

How To Pick The Right Playground Set For Young Children

Are you looking for just the right Playground Set that will suit the age and activity level of your of your kids? Here are some 4 points to help in the selection:

# 1. What Equipment Do Your Children Choose at the Park Play Area?

If you want to know what type of Play Set your children will enjoy, take them to a few different parks and watch which equipment they gravitate to.

Do they like slides or swings? Do they prefer climbing apparatus; or do they prefer to crawl through the holes and crawl spaces. This will make your choice much easier as you understand their specific preferences.

Kids Playground Sets, Playhouses and Gym Sets vary greatly as do the interests of each child. I would suggest that you consider a multi-function Play Set being sure that the focus is on their primary interest apparatus.

# 2. Ask Other Parents and Friends:

Moms like to help other moms, so don’t hesitate to ask other mothers or friends if they have purchased a Play Set for their children and what they liked or didn’t like.

If friends have Play Equipment at their home, ask if you can let your children check it out to see how they enjoy it. Are your children only playing there for a few minutes then walk away, or do you have to pull them off the equipment to go home.

You’ll know their preferences by observing their play time on other children’s Playground Sets.

# 3. Consider The Manufacturer:

How long has the manufacturer been in business and have they had any complaints or recalls. This information can be found in Consumer Reports online.

You may also want to find out about their customer service policies by reading their policies or by contact them directly.

Most importantly you should be comfortable with the manufacturers’ reputation for safety and quality. This again can be found through Consumer Reports, as well as Customer Ratings.

# 4. Consider Customer Ratings and Comments:

When reading customer comments, look for overall satisfaction in the product. Many people will comment about how long it may take to put something together or there was a bracket missing etc. What you ultimately want to know is, were they happy with the product once it was installed and are their children happy with the equipment.

Good comments are helpful but the less than perfect comments give you some insight into the potential for issues.

Remember, a lot of buyers simply don’t leave comments so if you really want to be sure, check out the Consumer Reports and make sure you understand the manufacturers’ policies for return or assistance.

The last thing you want to do is order your Kids Playground Set; have it installed; then realize you’ve selected the wrong set for your children. Be sure to gather all your information ahead of time and make an informed choice.