Keeping Playtime Safe

Keeping Playtime Safe

Kids can learn a lot of things when they are playing. They can be educated just by playing on the school grounds and even in your own playground in your own lawn. Kids will learn respect, love, humility and trust when playing with other kids. It cannot be denied that bullying in the playground is happening everywhere which can also greatly affect the bullied child mentally and emotionally.

If your child is being bullied in school playground, it can cause long term side effects like depression, loss of appetite, loss of interest in school, fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, social withdrawal, unexplained aches, pains and, worst of all, low self esteem. Playing is a child’s way of learning and growing physically and mentally and stopping your child from playing will not only hinder his growth but also the chance to develop his social skills.

So, what is the solution if your child is being bullied in the school playground? First, talk to the teacher and then ask for the permission of the teacher to talk to the kid who is bullying your child. Have the teacher tell this child that if he continues to harass your son or daughter, his parents will be informed of his behavior. Now, there are two things which will happen after this ‘talk’. Either the kid will stop bullying your child or he will tease him for being a crybaby.

Another solution to this would be to set up your very own playground in your backyard. The good thing about this is, you can look after your child when he is playing and he can invite friends, classmates and relatives to come play with him after class. If you have decided to set up your own playground, choose playground rubber mulch for the flooring and for the toys themselves to safeguard the kids from getting bruises and cuts.

Many parents disregard the use of playground rubber mulch, not thinking about the many advantages it can actually provide for kids. Playground rubber mulch is cheap, non-toxic and non-staining. Because it’s made from recycled rubber, using it is also a way of helping the environment. We know that rubber barely decomposes or, if it will, it would take hundreds of years before that can happen. That’s why it’s important for us to support industry initiatives that allow us to recycle rubber to help prevent the further degradation of our environment.

Most importantly, rubber mulch is the safest alternative if you want to avoid physical injuries when your kids are at play.