Ladies – Looking for That Perfect Gift?

Ladies, how difficult is it to find that perfect gift for a man that has everything? The answer is very difficult, there is only so many bottles of cologne you can buy especially when there is usually only that one scent you really love. Ties are about as exciting as buying mens clothes. Lets face it coming up with an original gift is hard. My husband loves watches he collects them, but how many watches can you have? Well the answer is many if you are a collector. That’s when I went looking for a watch that was unique and something that would really surprise him.
First I had to think of his other real love and that is sports. Football is his favorite sport he is a die hard fan and has recently joined a fantasy football league. I know how important football is on a college and pro level since I fell in love with the sport myself. As the saying goes if you cant beat them join them. The awaited football season was all my husband talked about and that got me thinking about men’s sport watches.
Along with football comes the seasons schedule and that can get very confusing especially if you are following several teams. With games played on different nights all season, it can be difficult to keep track of every game. Well I have found the perfect gift for my husband. I found a watch that was fashionable and keeps the NFL and NCAA season schedule right on his wrist.
The schedule watch is the coolest mens sports watch ever made. You can choose your favorite team logo for the face design and it comes pre-programmed with the entire NFL or NCAA schedule. It even plays the national anthem when the game starts as a reminder so you will never miss another game. Finally this watch has the technology to be updated each season. By using the specially designed USB connector included with each watch you can connect to your computer to download the next seasons schedule.
Ladies he will love this watch and think you are the greatest for surprising him with it.