Little Tikes Kitchen – For Your Little Chef

Little Tikes Kitchen – For Your Little Chef

Although the Little Tikes Kitchen is the favorite among little girls, that does not mean that little boys would not love it too. The beauty of it is that the kitchen usually comes with neutral colors and would not appear to be too girly as well as encourage boys to play with them. In this modern world that we live in, the famous chefs are usually male and if you think your kid loves to follow that path, then buying this kitchen play set is perhaps the best gift that you could give to your child. It will encourage them even at a young age.

What makes this kitchen play set extra special is that they are interactive. It comes with dishwashers that has real lights and even imitates the noise of the real dishwasher. Even the microwave oven has timers that also counts down and gives a warning sound when the food is ready. The oven is also realistic to have that bell sound that we often hear once the cookies are baked. And the stoves of the Little Tikes Kitchen come with fake flames. It is designed to be as realistic as the kitchen you have in your home and is a way safer than kids playing around the kitchen.

Most accidents at home start at the kitchen. For most parents, it’s the battle zone with their kids as most of our little ones love to hang around the kitchen and play with real kitchen tools which are very dangerous. However if your kid has a Little Tikes Kitchen, or a kitchen of their own, it would be easier for parents to tell their kids to stay away from the kitchen and play with their own kitchen instead. You can even set up the play kitchen set in the safe corner of your kitchen so that your kids can play while you are cooking. If you do this, soon enough you will see your kids imitating your cooking skills.

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To make the Little Tikes Kitchen more realistic, you can also purchase the Little Tikes Play Food set that is composed of fruits and vegetables. This will encourage and teach our kids to choose a healthy diet. This promotes a healthy way of playing and one that is valuable in the progress and development of your child. So for your little chef, check on the kitchen play sets from no other than the leading brand Little Tikes.