Maximising the Potential of Your Playground

Maximising the Potential of Your Playground

It is my belief that it is essential for the grounds of your school as a whole to be maximised for learning potential. Outdoor learning spaces, particularly playground design, should not compromise on this. The outdoors area of your school plays a vital role in assisting with the development of children. Thermoplastic playground markings stimulate the senses using vibrant colours and appealing designs.

Enriching children’s imagination and transforming a dull or unexciting area of the playground encourages young children to interact with each other at playtime and play games together such as the old school playground favourite hopscotch! Traditionally, playground games have always been an integral part of our childhood. This is not surprising given the fact that most children spend approximately 20% of their time at school in the playground.

A dynamic playground environment has been proven to actually help reduce instances of bullying occurring. Current guidelines recommend that our children should regularly participate in physical activity that is ‘appropriate for their development’ which will in turn improve their behaviour and reduce anti-social behaviour. Another long term benefit is that you can rest assured that your children will enjoy a healthy and active playtime whilst having fun at the same time.

Road and railway playground markings can be implemented to raise road traffic awareness in a controlled environment. A useful learning tool! Geography markings will help children better understand maps whilst there are also shape markings for pre-school children.

Playground markings are much more durable than the standard pot of paint used when you or i were rejoicing in the sound of the school bell at midday! Of course just having some playground markings installed in your school or educational institute will not make too much of a difference. It is imperative that the involvement of the school is paramount to ensure the full potential is maximised.