Mt Tamborine – Extreme Sports Playground

Mt Tamborine – Extreme Sports Playground

Mt Tamborine is located on the Hinterland behind the Gold Coast. It has fast become a holiday destination for those looking for a break from everyday life with a number of spa and eco retreats receiving national exposure.

However it is not just for those that need a rest from the rat race and to sip lattes from the comfort of a spa bath. Mt Tamborine is also popular with those that are looking for just the opposite in life – outdoor adventure. This group of individuals prefer to live life with the feeling of adrenaline pumping through their veins. Some people would describe their activity of choice as dangerous, idiotic and extreme, but to them it is just life.

What type of activities are we talking about?

Downhill Mountain Biking – With surrounding areas being relatively flat, it is no wonder that Mt Tamborine attracts Downhillers from all over South East QLD for a day’s riding. There are a number of Downhill tracks that have been built and maintained by the local mountain bike communities. If you keep your eyes open you can often see a group of riders being driven to up the mountain in a ute with bikes perched on the tailgate. During the summer months some of Australia’s best downhillers can be seen tuning their skills during the off season from racing overseas, such as the Gold Coast’s very own former world #1 Nathan Rennie.

Downhill Skateboarding – An underground sport in Australia compared to other parts of the world, however that has not stopped the sport from booming in the Gold Coast region. Some of the world’s best call the Gold Coast home, including former world ranked #3 Steve Daddow. Other skaters that live on the Gold Coast and attend World Cup Tour events include Adam Yates, Jeremy Rodgers, Corey Lesson and Nathan Aveyard. Mt Tamborine has played a big part in the exposure of the sport to Australia and especially the Gold Coast region with the X Games hosting the Downhill Skateboard events on Mt Tamborine. As the sports is illegal on public roads we urge you not to participate in Downhill Skateboarding around Mt Tamborine without the roads being closed for a specified event.