Several Benefits of Recycled Rubber Mulches

Several Benefits of Recycled Rubber Mulches

Recycled rubber mulches have popularly been used for playground surfacing as well as for landscaping in the backyards/gardens. They are durable, less expensive and non-toxic, hence the perfect option. Most importantly, use of rubber mulches helps to protect the environment.

Made of 100% recycled rubber, Rubber mulches are considered as an eco-friendly option for playground surfacing and landscaping of garden. Using these mulches in your park or playground, you’re somewhere protecting the environment keeping the old tires away from open disposal. Usually, they consist of waste tire buffing or nuggets of rubber from old tires. In making of them, any tire can be used such as the tires of passenger vehicles and the large trucks.

These mulch can be used for plentiful ground applications but the most common one is the playground surfacing. Being non abrasive, non staining and non toxic, they are very effective beneath the play-equipment like swings, climbers and sea-saw. With their ability to cushion falls, rubber mulch can reduce playground injuries to the great extent. The next popular use of rubber mulch is landscaping of garden. It upholds the ground moisture without absorption, hence quite effective to be used in backyards or gardens. Being pure rubber, it allows water and other nutrients to seep through the soil. These mulch doesn’t erode easily and doesn’t attract termites and other harmful insects. Some other uses of rubber mulch include the flooring in horse arena and shopping malls etc.

Recycled rubber mulch, of course, has numerous other benefits while being used for any of the above mentioned purposes. With mulch made of recycled rubber, we need not burn the rubber or dispose it in open. This helps to protect the environment from various adverse effects. Being less expensive and easily available in market, rubber is a cost effective option for landscaping. These mulches are available in a variety of colors to choose from. So, you can choose your desired color to enhance the decor of your garden. And of course, it minimizes the risk of playground injuries and creates a safe play environment when used for playground surfacing.

Undoubtedly, rubber mulches have become very popular for their dual purposes – landscaping of garden and safe surfacing in the playground. They are very easy to install and provide good results placing in the garden or playground. When you install them in playground, be very sure that the ground doesn’t hold water. It would be better if heavy duty weed fabric is installed under the mulch, to separate the rubber from what lies beneath.

With their increasing popularity, these mulches are widely available at online as well as offline stores. They are available in lucrative colors including cedar, earth tone, redwood, cypress, classic black and forest green etc. When it comes to purchase them, Internet is the most convenient and reliable option. Surfing online, you could find some reputed websites offering the high quality rubber mulches at very competitive prices. You can compare the offerings over websites and choose the most suitable deal as per your needs and budget. No matter you’re purchasing the recycled rubber mulch to beautify your garden or for playground safety surfacing, it would be better to conduct an online research prior to finalize the deal.