Smartshake Shaking the UK’s Sports Nutrition Market

Fitness enthusiasts across the land will be amazed by this revolutionary new product. Tired of carrying those pots and cans of supplements that must be ingested at certain times to deliver better results? Smartshake is the newest alternative for people like you and me that are crazy about fitness and take sports nutrition very seriously.
No, Smartshake is not one of those all-in-one bodybuilding supplements, if there are any, I personally have never heard of them. Smartshake is a revolutionary new shaker that can store several portions of supplements. Two screw-in compartments at the bottom allow athletes to store two portions of protein powders for intra and post-workout sessions. The bottom compartment can be divided in four and be used to store creatine, omega3 or any other supplements that must be taken after a training session.
Whatever is your sporting goal, feeding your body with the right supplements in the right quantities at correct times will return greater results. Taking the right supplement at the right time is crucial to maximize the body response to a given athletic performance, this is called supplement timing window.
Supplement timing window is the precise moment to ingest bodybuilding supplements to optimise body uptake and enhance athletic performance, no matter what your goals are a good supplementation with the right timing is crucial to improve results.
This is when Smartshake comes into play as an innovative new shaker that will help you maximise your body’s response to a given supplement. Smartshake’ compartments allow you to take at least three different supplements to the gym with you without the need of carrying all those big pots in your car or in your gym bag.
There are three types of sports nutrition supplements pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout supplements, with Smartshake you can carry all three easily. Simply store your Smartshake with your daily nutritional supplements and happy training.
During the summer you can also use Smartshake as a cooler by putting it into a freezer a few hours before use.