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The Science Of Sports Nutrition

For any athlete or bodybuilder, performance is the key to success. Sports nutrition is a science that involves the study of nutrition and diet. It is mainly concerned with what an athlete consumes, in terms of quantity and type. The science of sports nutrition deals vastly with nutrients like vitamins and supplements, and organic substances like fats, carbs and proteins. It is an important part of several sports training regimes, especially strength sports, like bodybuilding, and endurance sports, like cycling and running. With the proper understanding of sports nutrition, an individual can optimized his or her performance and gain many benefits.
The main goal of sports nutrition is to enhance performance. This is achieved by improving speed, mobility, strength and quickness. It also helps in reducing recovery periods. Without the right nutrients, a sportsperson will not realize his or her true potential. Proper nutrition will enable a sportsperson to stay in peak form, sustain intense training levels and recover faster from injuries. It will also make the individual less vulnerable to injuries and infections.
To stay fit and in shape at all times, one has to exercise consistently. To exercise consistently, one needs an endless supply of high-quality energy. The only way to ensure this supply of energy is by consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet. Ideally, one should consume several small meals throughout the day, rather than a few large meals. Your diet should contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the right proportions. Carbs make it possible for your body to train vigorously.
-Before a workout – Before starting your exercise routine, you might want to have a little snack and some water. For thirty minutes of intense exercises, a large banana, pretzels or a granola bar is sufficient. If you intent to train for a shorter period, you do not need to consume anything extra. However, a sports drink can provide you with some much-needed calories.
-During a workout – During exercise, you need to hydrate your body regularly. This depends heavily on the intensity and duration of the exercise, as well as your fitness levels. You could start by drinking approximately 250 ml of water every 15 minutes during your exercise. If you exercise for more than 90 minutes, drink about 250 ml of a sports drink every half-an-hour. You do not need to have anything extra if your exercise session is less than hour. However, if you train longer than 90 minutes, you should ensure that your carb levels are replenished.
-After a workout – As you exercise, your body loses water in the form of sweat. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water once you complete your workout. Consume a post-workout meal within two hours after an intense workout.
Your diet plan depends on your workout plan. There is no universal standard. Different people have different needs. Therefore, you should implement a plan that works best for you. If you train early in the morning, a light breakfast of toast or an egg is sufficient. If you exercise in the evening, consume a meal that contains foods that are easy to digest. Your lunch should contain an adequate amount of carbs and protein. Fruits, vegetables and breads are rich in complex carbohydrates. You could also choose lean meat like fish or chicken, whichever works best.…

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Smartshake Shaking the UK’s Sports Nutrition Market

Fitness enthusiasts across the land will be amazed by this revolutionary new product. Tired of carrying those pots and cans of supplements that must be ingested at certain times to deliver better results? Smartshake is the newest alternative for people like you and me that are crazy about fitness and take sports nutrition very seriously.
No, Smartshake is not one of those all-in-one bodybuilding supplements, if there are any, I personally have never heard of them. Smartshake is a revolutionary new shaker that can store several portions of supplements. Two screw-in compartments at the bottom allow athletes to store two portions of protein powders for intra and post-workout sessions. The bottom compartment can be divided in four and be used to store creatine, omega3 or any other supplements that must be taken after a training session.
Whatever is your sporting goal, feeding your body with the right supplements in the right quantities at correct times will return greater results. Taking the right supplement at the right time is crucial to maximize the body response to a given athletic performance, this is called supplement timing window.
Supplement timing window is the precise moment to ingest bodybuilding supplements to optimise body uptake and enhance athletic performance, no matter what your goals are a good supplementation with the right timing is crucial to improve results.
This is when Smartshake comes into play as an innovative new shaker that will help you maximise your body’s response to a given supplement. Smartshake’ compartments allow you to take at least three different supplements to the gym with you without the need of carrying all those big pots in your car or in your gym bag.
There are three types of sports nutrition supplements pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout supplements, with Smartshake you can carry all three easily. Simply store your Smartshake with your daily nutritional supplements and happy training.
During the summer you can also use Smartshake as a cooler by putting it into a freezer a few hours before use.…

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Childhood Obesity Can Be Conquered With Activity And Nutrition

A major hurtle for parents who are concerned about childhood obesity is the activity level of their kids. Although there has been a healthy stigma develop around playing video games all day, and the evolution of physically interactive games like Wii, kids of this generation are still generally less active than twenty or thirty years ago.
If your kids are already active congratulations on setting a great example for family and friends!
Activity produces overall physical, psychological and social benefits for kids. Consistent physical activity affects their muscular development and ordination. Team sports and activities also promote development of problem solving and social skills not possible in the realm of virtual games.
Coordinating activities as a family also bring additional benefits. Walking, hiking, bike riding, street hockey and anything else that gets you moving will provide the needed activity along with precious bonding time so hard to find in our fast paced lives.
It’s also important for a child’s bones and joints, making them stronger, more flexible and less susceptible to injury. Physical fitness impacts children’s immune systems and it’s well established that an active body means a stronger immune system, making kids more resistant to illness.
Take precautions when your kids are active. Children use up more energy than adults while doing the same activity. This means they can heat up quickly, making fluid intake vitally important. Half their body weight in ounces of water are recommended throughout the day for children, more for active kids.
During activity, kids should re-hydrate about every 20 minutes to replace the fluids they lose through sweating. If the weather is hot, they should re-hydrate even more frequently and you need to know the signs of dehydration.
These include darker-colored urine, muscle cramping and light-headedness. Smaller bodies have less margin of error and require closer monitoring.
Proper nutrition goes hand in hand with physical activity.
In order for a child’s body to operate at peak efficiency it needs the right nutrients. Make sure to avoid giving kids sugary snacks such as candy bars, pudding, pastries and soda. Kids are always growing and building muscle and proper nutrition supports healthy development.
Foods high in sugar content cause energy peaks and valleys, which leave kids tired, irritable and unable to concentrate. Instead, offer them nourishing, healthy snacks, such as fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables. They’re naturally sweet snacks that also contain the fiber and vitamins kids need.
Leaving prepared (cleaned and cut) fruits and veggies lay around is an excellent way to encourage healthy snacking. The extra effort is worth it. Try a big bag of orange slices after the next soccer practice instead of sugary “sports” drinks or juice boxes.
The choices for moms and dads in a hurry are limited. Kids nutritional shakes are an excellent addition to your child’s diet. For the same reason that shakes are so effective for weight loss, the concentration of quality nutrition in very few calories, they make excellent snacks for kids.
When it comes to healthy nutrition and consistent physical activity, nothing can replace the power of a good example. Parents can have a life-long influence by committing to set such an example for their kids.…