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Rugby League Memorabilia Tips

Collectors need to follow some specific guidelines for determining the value of sports collectibles as well as finding legitimate sources to purchase authentic rugby league memorabilia.
For the definitive collector, the wonderful thing about rugby league memorabilia is that it increases in value. If you are a collector of vintage souvenirs, your main concern is protecting them from damage and deterioration.
You probably started your collection with the intent to keep it forever, never expecting to sell even one piece. That is commendable, but things are always subject to change as time passes. Knowing that you can get a gainful return on the items you have collected is a comfort in uncertain times.
Any sports memorabilia autographed by former players or coaches is a good basis for starting a collection, and it is hard to make a bad choice as long as an item is legitimate. However, more value is placed on items actually used or worn by famous players, especially those who have died.
Of course, the most sought after rugby league memorabilia consists of items that were of limited issue and not expected to be re-released. Signed sports memorabilia from players who do not typically give their autographs is another highly attractive venue for collectors.
If you reside in England, Australia, France, or New Zealand it is easier for you to find rugby league memorabilia than in countries not famous for the sport. Buying items from countries where you do not live can be risky if these purchases are not protected in some way. Of course, eBay is one place where sales are ongoing for signed sports memorabilia.
Unfortunately for collectors, there are some people looking to rook buyers by offering items that appear to be authentic rugby collectibles, but are in fact clever forgeries. Any purchase you plan to make from unknown sources requires research on your part before you spend your money. About the only way to lose on sports memorabilia is for someone to trick you into paying for phony keepsakes.
Online shopping is a great way to get the items you want if you are dealing with legitimate companies or individuals, but with all the choices available, it is easy to fall prey to charlatans and tricksters. You may find some traders who offer a grace period in which you can check any purchase for authenticity.
Most true collectibles come with a seal of authenticity from a reputable appraisal company. Any posting of collectible items should provide this information, or make a note that no verification will be produced. Costs for uncertified signed sports memorabilia should be much less than items with the seal.…

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Sports Memorabilia Watch – Rare Masters Badges

There are few items in the golf world that gets a lot of money when sold at auction. Most items are general and can bring in a little bit of money, but there is one sub-section of items that pulls in thousands of dollars, and that’s because it’s extremely rare to get a good quality one. One of the greatest prizes that a person collecting golf memorabilia can get is none other than rare Masters badges. Badges and tickets from the event can yield thousands of dollars if they are found in good, or near mint condition.
For those unfamiliar with the rich history of the game and aren’t sure why this badge is important, it’s important to understand that the badge is only available at The Masters. The Masters is one of the biggest tournaments in professional golf that is still played today. The tournament features the greatest players in golf, and it is well known for being played at the same course year after year. The course is also an exclusive one, and not just anyone can get inside and play a few rounds. You have to be invited, and until recently it was ultra selective. So selective that it has been known that only a handful of members are allowed each year, and in the past, only a certain class of member was allowed in.
Aside from the rich history and tradition that is held at Augusta National, it should be noted that to have a 1934 Masters badge is extremely rare. The start of many auctions that feature these items is around $5,000 and bidding wars are common when golf enthusiasts see one of these rare pieces on display for sale at auction.
In our modern times there are only a handful of items that can match the 1934 ticket because it’s so rare. The 1934 ticket is like a holy grail amongst collectors and some have seen the price at auction go upwards of $30,000 for a good condition quality ticket! Because the year and condition requires special handling, not many collectors have this in their homes or offices, making the value jump a few notches.
Consider anything from the year 1934. Whether you are looking at cars, baseball cards, antiques, sound recordings, anything from the year 1934 that is in good if not near mint condition will bring you recognition and if you’re selling, lots of money. It’s just a fact that most people don’t’ really consider when they are looking at a piece of golfing and American history. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these precious badges, you’ll have to look for them at auction because most sellers aren’t willing to just price them out for retail, there’s just too much at stake.
When it comes to professional golf memorabilia, lots of things come to mind. Things like booklets, hats, shirts, golf club sets, balls, signed items, and more are thought of as important to a collector, but when you consider something as rare as a 1934 Masters Badge, others don’t really match up.…

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Sports Memorabilia Worth And Counterfeit Cards

Many people who are staunch followers of a particular game will value some of the limited edition sports memorabilia a lot and will consider the sports memorabilia to the precious. This is because the sports memorabilia and even the autographs are all limited edition ones or are very rare to find. This makes these things very valuable. But the truth is that there are numerous other fake stuff and even counterfeit cards which some people manage to sell to the unsuspecting buyers. These fake cards will be sold by many people to buyers at even lesser prices or at the same price which will actually not be worth anything. People who want to invest in the cards and other kinds of memorabilia are generally not aware of this fact. People will have to take care and ensure that they do not buy something that is not valued by any one.
People will have to take a few precautionary measures to avoid the purchase of the counterfeit cards. One such thing that they can do would be the purchasing of the cards and other sports memorabilia worth money from the grading companies which will ensure that the goods are all graded and checked to ensure that there are no counterfeit cards. People will also have to ensure that they do not purchase the cards and the other kinds of sports memorabilia from places like eBay where one will be able to get cheated easily. Many sellers who want to deal with the counterfeit cards will sell them through eBay as people will not be able to check the sports memorabilia worth or the value of the goods. People will be able to find the counterfeit cards which will be offered at half the prices of the real cards. Even though people might get tempted with these, they must consider that these are not worth anything.
People who don’t know how to check the worth of the cards are not sure if they cards that they have are real cards or fake cards, can make use of the grading firms to ascertain the sports memorabilia worth of the cards. These grading firms will not only help ascertain the authenticity of the cards but will also help estimate the Sports memorabilia worth. These grading firms will also be able to help people put up these cards up for auction. Some of the people who are looking to buy the cards can also contact these grading houses who keep a good collection of the cards or will be able to direct one to the place where the cards are available.…