The Children Playground – Part of the Garden Furniture

The Children Playground – Part of the Garden Furniture

The garden is not only a place, where the adults can relax; it is usually also a playing ground for the little ones. So the idea of providing the young ones with a special place in the garden, where they will use up their energy and play safe, is maybe a very good one. However, you should be aware that the kids should not be restricted from the other part of the garden, because this way you will restrict them from the contact with the other members of the family.

You will ask where is the most suitable place in the garden to situate the playground for the children. Well, certainly not near the entrance of the garden, it will result from one side a sense of untidiness and from other side it won’t be the safest place, because the kids could easily ran out to the street. It is recommended that the place you choose for the children’s playground should be comfortable for observation. A good solution could be a playground in the back yard with a direct view at it from a window or a terrace of the house. The specialists say that it is good to be close to the walking path, but not directly on it, so the passing people won’t disturb the play of the kids.

Another important thing when we talk about children’s furniture in the garden is that, the place should be sheltered from north via fence, or the walls of the house, or with denser vegetation. This aims to stop the cold air drafts. On south and east should be situated few deciduous trees, that will shelter the kids with their shadows from the summer heats. In addition, during the spring and the autumn, enough sun light will pass through the naked branches, to provide the playground with good conditions for play.

The best cover for the kinder playground is the grass, and because it will be flooring (that will endure non-stop walking on it), you should consider grass mixtures for sports fields. The grass will provide a soft and safe surface for the kids to play on. The sandy playgrounds are also widely spread, and usually they are built with concrete bars, which you will need to make safer for the kids. It can be done by covering them with softer materials – some sandy playgrounds have wooden benches on the bars – others are covered with car tires. It may not be the best aesthetical look you are aiming at, but after all the most important thing while choosing the proper furniture for the garden playground is to be safe for the young ones.

Lately, the bark surfaces are gaining popularity in the area of the garden furnishing. They are soft and there is a great variety of them. The negative side is that, with time they begin to rot and have to be replaced.