The Fundamentals Of Sports Betting

Most people lose money betting on sports. That is just a sad fact. And the reason they lose is always the same, no matter who the bettor is. So if you are losing it is probably not your fault. It is a lack of knowledge of the fundamentals that is the heart of the problem. Fortunately, a little knowledge can help turn things around.
You have likely never heard that there were fundamentals involved with sports betting. But it is no different than anything else. There is fundamentally a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you get it wrong, you lose your money, so it would be wise to understand what you are supposed to be doing.
There are only two fundamentals when it comes to sports betting and here they are
1) Only bet when you have a known edge. That means you should have at least a 53% probability of winning the bet based on the situation of the game.
2) Never place a bet when you do not have a known edge, or cannot identify it. If you don’t have an edge or know what it is, it’s a loser.
Sports Betting winners win money the same way the casino wins it from everyone else. They always place bets that give them an edge and they always know what the edge is BEFORE they bet the game.
There is no miracle bet or secret that will make you rich. You make money by exploiting known edges. You lose money by betting without them. It really is that simple.