Top Information for Gun Sports

One of the fastest shooters in the country today is a multi-weapon competition known as “3-Gun”. The reason for his name is something obvious; The participants used three different firearms – modern sports rifles (MSR), d. A rifle is built on the AR platform; gun; and rifle.

Games usually involve classes where the shooter must go through various stages and place goals in different positions. Different levels of firearms (even a Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Carbine FX9) are usually needed for each level and the shooter must switch between them.

Targets include clay pigeons, cardboard silhouettes, steel discs of various sizes, and everything defined by the game organizer as its destination. The distance between targets can be between 1 yard and 500 yards or something in between. The winner is the shooter who scores the most goals – and avoids some “no shooting” – in no time.

Although local groups may decide to change the rules a little, most of them strictly follow the rules of the International Pistol Association (IMGA) or USPSA, which regulates several games. Each of these organizations has policies and rules, but their ability to adapt to certain meetings makes the 3-gun race dynamic and interesting.

As with practical gun games, cannon 3 simulates a battle situation or self-defense. The stage provides a scenario for using one or more weapons in a certain order. Each phase of each game is usually different from what you did before.


The most serious competitor chose MSR in the .223 caliber with a relatively short round of 18 to 20-inch magazines and 30 round magazines. Semi-automatic machines that can handle larger magazines will usually be solved. Rifles are for those who have some level of skill in shooting.

Hunting rifle

All automatic payloads or reliable weapons function. For serious competition, it must have an expanded cannula magazine, a good visor protector, and a barrier that can be replaced. Both games with 3 cannons use ties and sandals.


Each shooter needs a strong and a belt system to carry additional magazines and ammunition. Determining the different type of gun you are using accessories will be different. It is best to know the type of gun you will be using for this contest.


This is the output stage because of the requirements for lightweight devices. This is also one of the most entertaining departments you can attend. Rifles (iron targets or red dots) cannot be climbed and there are no two-way gears. Wearing a rifle or optics is not permitted.

Can be semi-automatic or pumping, a maximum of 8 + 1 circles, but no cellular magazine. In addition, the rifle cannot be loaded with a speed loader during the stage. Each ammunition must be loaded by hand into a magazine. The gun must also not have wear or optics and must have a maximum magazine length of 141.25 mm.

Heavy Metal (HeMan)

The rifle should only be 7.62 x 51 or more in the iron target. The rifle must be a 12-gas pump with iron targets and no transfers. The weapon must be 0.45ACP or greater, there is no optics or only used.