Various Uses And Benefits of Rubber Mulch

Various Uses And Benefits of Rubber Mulch

There is probably nobody in this world who can deny the fact that things have changed much in terms of what we used to know as na b and increasingly powerful storms have never been so frequent as they are now. These things tell us a lot about what we have been doing to our environment in the past and that it seems to be time for payback. There is probably nothing we can do to undo what we’ve caused, but we can still make things better in the future by being more environment-friendly in our actions.

One way we can help make the earth better after the damage we’ve put it through is by using rubber mulch. This is mulch made from old rubber that has been recycled. Imagine what rubber would do if we left it sitting there in a dumpsite. This is a non-biodegradable material, which means it does not decompose and will continue to be rubber, probably till the next hundred years. We cannot let that happen, so if we care about the future generations, so we should do what we can do in our capacity today.

Rubber mulch has many uses that we can explore, but the most common is using it as flooring for playgrounds. Rubber mulch is proven safe for children. It is non-toxic and it provides good cushion for falls. Children can get rowdy when they play, but with rubber mulch, trauma to the head or any other part of the body will be reduced because this material has the capacity to absorb impact. This mulch can also be used for other purposes around the house. For example, it can be used as floor mats or even flooring for areas assigned to pets. Rubber mulch does not absorb moisture nor odor. Thus, it is healthy, both for pets and the entire household.

Rubber mulch has also been used as footing in horse arenas. This material is deemed more preferable over raw ground because it can absorb impact and causes less strain on the animals’ lower extremities. The mulch also does not attract insects such as flies, mosquitoes and the like, making the venue healthier for everyone, including the animals. One can also expect less dust in a horse arena that uses this material as footing.

Apart from variety of use, rubber mulch also costs significantly less than other materials that it provides an alternative for. This makes the product very popular, not only among personal users but also businessmen who may have a need for it.