What’s So Special About Rubber Mulch?

What’s So Special About Rubber Mulch?

Innovations never stop for humankind. We find ways to create products that ensure safety and security for all sectors of our society. At the same time, we also make a point to help our environment.

One example of this innovation is the development of rubber mulch. This is a kind of mulch made from recycled rubber products such as tires. Instead of throwing it, this should be processed and used in another way. Remember that rubber does not decompose and can, thus, adversely affect the cycle of vegetation of our soil. We, as humans, along with all living matter on this earth, will be the ones to suffer from the damage it causes.

Experts have suggested the use of rubber mulch because of its usefulness, especially as material for playgrounds, landscapes, and horse tracks. The following are the specific advantages of this material as an alternative product to use:

• Odor Free – People and animals can be sensitive to odor. This material was created odor-free in order to avoid causing stress on those who will be using it, especially children who can have a very sensitive sense of smell.

• Requires Less Maintenance – The material minimizes spreading of dirt and mud since the base of it is made of mulch. It will be cost effective in terms of maintenance since it only needs little attention to be kept clean and useful. Sometimes, cleaning may not even be required.

• Durable – Since this is made of 100% recycled rubber, it does not decompose. Rubber also does not get ruined easily. This helps when the mulch is used as flooring for playgrounds and race tracks and even for lawns as alternative to grass.

• Non-poisonous – This type of mulch is totally non-toxic for humans and animals, making it safe for all children who sometimes tend to nibble on their toys.

• Almost metal free – Rubber mulch comes with a little metal for support, especially around the edges. However, things made of rubber mulch will be 99% made of recycled rubber.

These are the 5 basic advantages of using rubber mulch. On top of that, the material minimizes the risk of serious accidents in children who are prone to falls. A playground with rubber as flooring will be safe because the impact of a child falling into the ground will be lessened as compared to concrete floors. For home beautification purposes, this material can also be great as it can come in a wide variety of garden colors. With this innovation, we make our ourselves, especially our children, safe and, at the same time, we help our environment.