Why Playground Rubber Mats Could Save Your Child’s Life

Why Playground Rubber Mats Could Save Your Child’s Life

Remember the days of limping home with a skinned knee or scraped elbow after a bit of rough housing at the local playground? Most of those injuries were caused by playgrounds lined with mulch or gravel, two economic and popular choices for public outdoor spaces, but not very forgiving upon impact. All of this has changed thanks to playground rubber mats. Newer parks and recreational spaces are designed on soft, oversized rubber tiles. For less than $12 per square foot, these rubber mats make playgrounds safe and fun for today’s youth.

The 4 ft 2 tiles come in thicknesses ranging from 2 to nearly 5 inches, ensuring that children enjoy sufficient cushioning as they fly off the end of a slide or make a daring jump from a swing set. The rubber is not so pliable that it impedes normal running and jumping, but it is much more forgiving during accidental spills and tumbles. The underside of each tile is dimpled to mask the uneven or rocky ground beneath. The shock absorbing capability of playground rubber mats is second to none.

The playground rubber mats are an economically responsible ground cover, as they are made from recycled rubber that is ground up and compressed into smooth tiles. The installation is done using the convenient interlocking tile edges, with a bit of adhesive to hold them in place. The rubber can be custom cut to fit around playground equipment, trees, benches, and other park structures. The durable material is incredibly damage resistant, and it is breathable, so it won’t retain water or get moldy. In fact, the rubber surface is flat and smooth, so water evaporates quickly after it rains, meaning you never have to worry about mud or puddles.

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This rubber flooring option is now available in bright colors, which is ideal for playground rubber mats. Kids will love any creative pattern or design you come up with using the vibrant blue, green, yellow, red, and pink tiles. These mats don’t need annual attention like mulch or gravel, which erode after a few wet seasons. If you do need to make any replacements or updates, the tiling allows you to save money by addressing only damaged portions rather than recovering the entire space.