Wooden Play Equipment a Favorite For Kids As Well As Parents

Wooden Play Equipment a Favorite For Kids As Well As Parents

Wooden play equipment has been a favorite among not only kids but parents as well for the simple reason that when properly maintained a wooden play structure can last for generations.

Beginning with the traditional tree-house and expanding to even more extensively detailed playground structures, building a play-set with wood is now one of the most widely used for a child’s backyard play area.

Not only is wooden play equipment popular for backyard play areas but you will notice that more and more public parks and play areas also use wood when putting up play equipment for children.

While using wood is a great idea because of the fact that it can and will last for generations when properly maintained, the key here is that it must be not only properly maintained but also checked for safety issues.

Checking for safety when it comes to your child’s play areas is not only important when using wooden playground equipment but also with any type of structure you may decide to use.

Let me clarify by saying that I recently watched a news story where they actually showed some of the dangers that can be present in play equipment for kids.

Many had wider gaps where a child could fit all the way through except for the head which caused them to become entrapped at the neck area. Some had spaces where the child’s leg could fall through, potentially causing them to seriously injure or break their ankle or leg as well as other limbs, depending on how they fell.

My point in writing this part of this article is to make certain that parents and caretakers are aware that some of these sets can have potentially dangerous flaws and they MUST be checked for safety.

Should you decide to use wooden playground equipment in your own backyard, you will want to perform safety and maintenance checks at the beginning of each season.

Taking proper care of your play area will also ensure that not only will it be safer but it will last a lot longer. Consider using a sealer when you first construct your play-set and check for splintered areas every year.

While most sealants are made to last for at least five years, you may want to go over any rough spots just to be sure that your child is safe from splinters or worse.

Wooden play equipment really does come in all shapes and forms but some are obviously far more extravagant than others. From the small structure for your toddler, to the more lavish for your older kids, any child is sure to love and use this backyard play area for years.

Besides being a lot of fun for the kids, it is also a great way to let them burn off that extra energy. The fact that it will get them tired enough to go to bed on time makes it worth the investment in and of itself.

With six grown children and 4 grandchildren, I know full well the benefits of having a child get the exercise they really need because to watch them toss and turn all night is not fun. This is especially true for a child with special needs who should always be kept on a fairly regular schedule.

Swings and slides, running and jumping areas, little log cabins, etc. all of these are benefits your child will grow to love when you choose to use wooden play equipment.

Oh, and don’t forget to take them swimming as this also burns a lot of energy.