7 Skills Needed to Work As a Coach

In order to be a successful coach, there are many skills that one needs to acquire. After researching different job descriptions, I feel that I would meet the requirements needed in order to be a good coach. The seven following skills are what I found to be most important in the field of coaching.
1.) Organization Skills- Coaches need to be prepared at every level with game and practice preparations. They also have to know what they have for equipment and who their prospective athletes are.
2.) Certification Skills- Now a days, many high schools and colleges expect coaches to be certified in the field. It is also beneficial to be a certified teacher or at least working in the school system. It is important to get the certification before applying for most coaching positions.
3.) Motivation Skills- Every coach needs to have a high level of motivation. Each coach needs to show their love for the game and be willing to do whatever they can to make sure their team is successful and enjoying the sport that they play.
4.) Communication Skills- Being able to effectively explain different aspects of the game is very important. One must be able to communicate to all different age groups when wanting to be a coach.
5.) Leadership Skills- As a coach, it is important to portray leadership skills both physically and mentally that your players will want to follow and learn from. It is very important that these leadership skills are positive and portray good sportsmanship.
6.) Problem Solving Skills- Many times as a coach, it is very likely that problems will arise that one needs to fix quickly and effectively. These skills could be used during games, practices and with building team chemistry.
7.) Experience- Coaches are often required to have past coaching and playing experience to ensure that they have knowledge and understanding of the game.
These seven skills are very important to a coach’s success and should always be strived for. Without these skills, it would be very difficult to have a successful and enjoyable career. It is also important to have these skills to ensure the enjoyment and success of the team and players.