Marbles Playground – Where to Play Marbles?

Marbles Playground – Where to Play Marbles?

People who want only try this game can easily find any ground without grass, make a hole and start the game. If you are going to organize a tournament you will probably want to find better marbles playground. This article describes the most common solutions where to play marbles.

Solution #1: Ways in the parks

Many city parks have ways where it is possible to make a hole. These ways usually are quite straight so you don’t need to spend too much time by preparing the ground. Another advantage of the ways in the parks is the fact that they allow to make a lot of holes in the small area. This may be very handy if you are going to organize a tournament with a lot of participants.

Solution #2: Existing playgrounds used for other sports

There are many public playgrounds which is possible to use for different sports including marble game. If the ground allows to make a hole and is straight enough it may be your solution. These playgrounds usually allow to make about 5 – 10 holes so 10 – 20 people can play in the same time.

Solution #3: Build marble playgrounds

Building marble playgrounds from scratch is a good idea if you are going to play marbles regularly. It is not difficult, you just need a permission to build the playground in the public area or have your own piece of land. Spend some time to make the area straight and remove all the stones. Then create the holes and you have an ideal marble playground.