Things to Remember When Designing a Playground

Things to Remember When Designing a Playground

With the summer holidays just around the corner, there is literally no time like the present to start thinking about your playground re-design. Whether you are looking to replace or rejuvenate an existing playground or create a completely new one, there are many things to consider before undertaking any work.

Firstly you should consider both the size of the area you have for a playground and the money you are willing to spend installing one. It is important to consider the budget before you start as you will then be able to make informed decisions about the different pieces of equipment you can purchase. There is a whole variety of playground equipment available of varying sizes, so if you are completely certain on the exact dimensions, it will make the playground design easier. You should also consider the possible options of playground funding from exterior sources, as they may be a way to help pay for your new playground.

Secondly you should consider the children you are purchasing the equipment for. You need to think about not only their age now, but what age they will be for the duration of the time they will be using the equipment. You also need to think about their abilities, for example, if you are designing a playground for very young children, you will need to make the equipment very simple and interactive rather than complicated and adventurous.

Safety is a hugely important factor when designing a playground and the most important thing to remember is to have adequate ‘crash zones’. This is the area in which a child may fall and injure themselves. You then need to cover this area with a suitable material such as a rubberised surface or wood chips. You also need to take into account the terrain of the area, for example you should not build on a hill or over protruding roots as this may cause problems further along the way.

If you are designing playgrounds for a school, then it is best to think of them as outdoor classrooms for schools. By doing this you are far more likely to pick pieces of equipment which are both entertaining and educational. Playground equipment comes in many different forms, from musical equipment to jungle gyms and exercise pieces. Some are designed purely for play and some to test and push the children to explore, imagine and exercise. It is best to get a variety of pieces from simple wooden climbing frames to more creative pieces involving sound or water, for example.

It is recommended to hire a professional company to assist you with both the planning and installation of the playground. This will give you more ideas and better solutions for your problems. It is still a good idea to do a good amount of research beforehand and have a clear idea about what you want to achieve before hiring a professional.