Winter Sports Travel Insurance for Active Travelers

If you like traveling around the world, you most likely like to be active and try out new things as well. Winter sports are one thing many travelers are keen to. Snowboarding, sledding, skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, ice paragliding, snowmobiling… Snow and ice can be so much fun! If you travel somewhere where you get to try out these sports, don’t miss the opportunity! Just remember to make sure that your travel insurance is good for covering winter sports as well. It is a well-known fact that regular travel insurances don’t cover anything considered “extreme sports”, but some people still don’t find out about that before it is too late. Winter sports are great but unfortunately also dangerous. Therefore it makes sense to be prepared for everything. You will most likely be just fine, but if something happens, you’ll be happy to know you have an insurance to take care of the costs.

Since the travelers are usually skiers or snowboarders, I’m going to talk about a winter sports travel insurance from a skier’s point of view, but the principles are pretty much the same when it comes to other sports too. Just remember that different insurance companies offer slightly different policies, so all I can do is to give you examples here. Make sure to read your own holiday insurance policy carefully before going!

Here’s an example of the things that can be covered with a winter sports travel insurance:


Medical treatment in an emergency.

Transport costs if you have to be evacuated either by plane or by ambulance.

Your own or hired skiing equipment being stolen or accidentally damaged or lost.

Loss of a ski pass.

Reimbursement of skiing related costs if you fall ill or get hurt.

Transportation costs in case you need to travel to another skiing site due to bad weather conditions, avalanches or lack of snow in your own ski resort.

Just make sure to use your common sense while skiing. No insurance policy allows skiing while intoxicated. You can also lose your coverage if you start to take unneeded risks or go ski to forbidden areas. If you stay within the ski resort boundaries and do things within your own skill level, you should be fine.

Many travelers are traveling on a budget and trying to save money in every possible way, but insurance coverage is not the right place to save. Get yourself a proper insurance and travel and ski worry-free!